Millennial Instagrammers in Johannesburg

Why I started this blog

Why We Do What We Do

I didn’t start this blog for the sake of any particular brand or company, to prove a point, or to rebel (maybe a bit), I started this blog because I felt I had discovered a social niche worth exploring in the South African consciousness.

Millennials, are a segment of society defined by their date of birth, mostly in the 90’s.

We’ve been called lazy, opinionated, disrespectful, outspoken, entitled and so on, but there is so much more to our generation than old media would have you believe, ideals and a way of thinking based on our parents’ morals and augmented by the freedom of knowledge. We are generation Y, the Pokemon with no war to fight and no freedom to strive to (Yet).

Millennials are defined as: “…the demographic cohort following Generation X (My mom). There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends; most researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the late 1980s to the early 2000s.” – Wikipedia.

The goal of this blog can be found here. But why this blog was created is simply to stimulate that part of our society in South Africa and Africa, the need to those express ideas, thoughts and knowledge to fellow Millennials in a positive and honest tone, rather than spew content for the sake of search rankings or rattling up an aggressive debate. This space is open to any willing Millennial that shares our core. 

We’re taking over the country, and the world! In the next five or so years everyone will be talking about our younger brothers and sisters: Z-Gen, and we’ll become the more responsible version of ourselves.

This blog exists to be the platform for that context, the Millennial context, the generation of individuals with dreams and the words to make them a reality, if they can get off the couch that is.

I leave you with a video that Im sure you’ve seen, but that in a small way helped me question my existence, and my part in this world, I hope you extract your own value from it:
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