Moving to a new Blog

Transition in my Life

I have been working on a few things over the past several months, one of them is trying to decide what I wanted to do with this damn website.

Gary Vaynerchuk brought up the topic of personal brands and personal websites. What would be better? A personal brand, or a fictional brand? Should you focus on building up one brand for a specific topic, or be yourself as a brand and grow into your own speciality.

He said that he prefers using his personal brand, when he first started out in business, he was the wine guy, he did tastings and sold wine, and was one of the foremost tasters in the United States at the time.

But, then he decided to change, to be the social media guy in recent times. Starting his own digital agency and seed investment company.

He was able to do this because his personal brand can pivot.

Much like my “personal image” has shifted over the years from being a business man, to corporate underling, back to social media “guru” again, and as of a few weeks ago; Craft Beer Guru (Not chosen by me).

I decided to pivot with this blog. In a way I never considered.

Ill shift into a personal blog. Im not sure I even know how to do that, but I’m going to give it a try.

Where’s the Content Go?

All my other interesting work, blogs, vlogs and ideas are going to be finding a home on my new blog platform:

This will be a space where I can talk about all my interests, while at the same time open the platform for contributors around common ideas and interests.

Those ideas and interests?

      Digital: Social media and other online things.
      Technology: Leaning more to your devices and gadgets.
      Culture: theater! Art! And everything in between.
      Craft: Craft beer, craft festivals and anything that maybe made from the bottom up.
      Geek: Comics, movies and gaming!
      Business: Entrepreneurship ideas and thoughts, new startup companies or the people behind the logo.


Ill see you guys there for that, and see you here for this. Until next we meet; add corny generic inspirational quote here, see you then!