DGL Gaming Girls

Introducing the Digital Gaming League

I May Have Wet My Seat

I am a gamer, I have always been a gamer, I was always told that games will get you no where in life. Because I was one of the unfortunate few not to get internet access until I was seventeen, I had no idea of the massive wide world of online and professional gaming, maybe I would have fought with my father more on the point of “wasting time on the F&%king games!”.

When I saw what Telkom had to say about online gaming the other night at the launch of the Telkom Gaming League, I was drooling from the mouth and wishing I had disobeyed my dad more often when I was younger.

Gaming online is a big business, and it’s getting bigger every day. Telkom has made a point of positioning itself in this space to handle the growth of the profession here in South Africa in the coming years, as it’s always done for the past ten years!

What is the Telkom Digital Gaming League?

The former name of the Telkom Do Gaming League launched in 2008, Telkom realise that it’s not as socially provocative as the: Digital Gaming League (DGL), which for me sounds like a iron hammer hitting a metal shield wielded by a dwarven warlord!

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The new league will include the DGL Masters(Spine shivers) programme for elite Multi Gaming Organisations (MGOs) with with the 1 million rand prize at the top. (Multi Gaming Organisations are essentially gaming teams that play multiple online games professionally)

Within the new League, Telkom has various offerings to make the experience seamless and up to a global standard, some of which include higher speed connectivity and local servers (FINALLY), for most gamers, this is a gift from the gods of technology.

Telkom’s Gaming Offensive!

The new offerings cater for the most casual gamer, to the mid level, like myself, and the professional gaming masters like Bravado.

The three offerings are:

  • Casual gaming competitions including schools and corporate casual leagues, with the open division open to all. Did I mention that professional gaming is now considered an athletic sport?
  • The DGL league, is for the best gamers in the country which people can qualify for through the open division, with promotion and relegation through different divisions from April to October.
  • The DGL Masters programme, where South Africa’s top eight MGOs are invited to compete online from April to October and in two regional LAN competitions. The final is planned for October 2016!

Telkom’s Chief Mad Man, Enzo Scarcella, said that, “The Masters programme will become the pinnacle of eSports in South Africa where eight MGOs will compete for R1 million in cash, the largest prize pool in South African eSports history. At the same time, the DGL will develop the local eSports to bring in new gamers through casual gaming competitions, improved spectator access and increased awareness.”

The Masters

I was already going nuts in my seat as Paul Chaloner talking about the advancement of eSports across the globe, but then, the big announcement: The teams of the DGL Masters!

So here are the teams! Some of them you know, some you don’t, some I wish I was in:

From the lean team at Milled, We’d just like to wish them all good luck in the DGL Masters this year! We are jealous, we are, in the best possible way, let’s make that clear!

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