Taxi Violence: Stuck in a Rut

New Music Video and Free Download:

To mark their 10 year anniversary 2014, the legendary rock band Taxi Violence released their fifth album, Tenfold.  This lauded album garnered a 2015 SAMA nomination in the ‘Best Rock Album’ category.  Since the album’s launch they have released music videos for Beaten by the Gun and Lazy Day.

Now the guys are back with an enthralling and dreamlike music video for Stuck in a Rut.

This breath taking music video paints the angst of when you are tired of the norm, but fear change.  The band says that the song is about “that feeling of not being able to get out of the deep groove you’ve worn into daily life. You are surrounded by people every day, yet you feel helpless and isolated. You are stuck in a rut. It’s time for a change.”

For a limited time only, you can download the single Stuck in a Rut for FREE at

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