Graham Watkins Project – Love in Abundance

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Graham Watkins Project: Love in Abundance Music Video:

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the original music punks, The Graham Watkins Project! They’ve just dropped their latest single: Love in Abundance after three years off the grid.

The single was completed earlier in 2016 when GRAEME was reminiscing about his youth and the freedom that came with it. He concluded that if you gave life the opportunity, it will wear you out and before long you will become unrecognisable to yourself. The conclusion: A single about being young and love winning in the end.

GRAEME describes the single as a high energy anthemic pop rock tune filled with things you love. It features loads of melodies, each supporting the next. Since their last release 3 years ago, all of the GWP members have grown into seasoned writers and perfected their craft; all which is encapsulated in this release.

I don’t like to comment on a artist’s creation, I don’t feel many people have the right to critique art, especially when so much work has gone into developing it. Though, their latest single, feels that it aligns much more to the Pop scene than traditional rock, so expect more Maroon 5 rather than Green Day.

Graham Watkins Project In Colour“I hope people love this song as much as we loved making it. For any artist putting their work on public display, it is a terrifying thing but if the past is anything to go by, we should be alright.” – Graeme Watkins.

The video for LOVE IN ABUNDANCE was shot and directed by Rick Joaquim from Duck Rabbit Studios. The video was shot at 1000 frames per second to portray a concept indicative of the longevity life; you catch yourself blinking and before you know it, it is over.

“It is a line between two dates and it’s what you make of that little line which ultimately defines you. The use of colour powder was a means to illustrate the movement of time which is something we can’t see.”

The video is definitely interesting, but maybe feels a touch off message, jumping from serious focus to happiness then back to focus throughout the video. The effect of the powder though, makes for an interesting and welcomed change from so many music videos that focus on dancing lights and lumo.

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Graham Watkins Project In Colour

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