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Rouge releases music video to latest single: Mbongo Zaka

Local Rapper Rouge has recently released a brand new video for her latest single Mbongo Zaka, through The David Gresham Record Company.The single has topped more than 5 charts across the country so far and is currently play listed in several countries including Ghana and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The video was directed by Kyle Lewis and shot in Cape Town in May this year. Rouge describes MBONGO ZAKA as being about building an empire, becoming a boss and getting paid, which is displayed in the eccentric, powerful and colourful nature of the music video.

“How fun the song is, is brought to life through the colours of the video. The message of the song – through the writing on my back to the throne to the head wraps – is about empowering the the African woman. Kyle’s creativity brings the song to life visually.” – Rouge.

Rouge Rapper South African Rap

“Rouge is one of the most exciting female rappers I have heard in a very long time. When I received the track to do a treatment on, I was immediately excited. This has been such an awesome project to work on. ROUGE is the next big thing and I am a massive fan. The video is a UV explosion of awesomeness that only serves as a compliment to the power of this smash hit.

“Rouge proves that she is on par with top rappers/MCs and spits some of the dopest verses I have ever heard come out of Africa. You will be singing along for months, with the song on repeat. I cannot wait to create more art with this powerhouse of a performer!” – Kyle Lewis.

Rouge Rapper South African Rap

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