Jerain and the blessing of her music

She’s back!!! and Brett got to ask Jerain about her time off, new music and inspirations. Somewhere he brings up death metal but it seems like that’s not going to feature in her repertoire soon. Her new single, Gold, can be downloaded from iTunes:

Brett Magil (BM): Jerain, you’re music is world class, I’ve listened to everything I can get my hands on, and there is definitely a interesting combination of Pop, RnB and what we could say is Dance beats and rhythms. When it comes to dreams, is the kind of music you’ve always wanted to create? Or is there a hidden death metal head in there somewhere?


Jerain (J): I think any honest music I create is enough of a blessing! I just want the music to be an expression of myself and as long as I’m doing that, I cant complain! I love making music. I’ve always been a little alternative as far as my taste is concerned. As for death metal… I don’t think I’m there just yet (laughs). I guess I will just keep the slipknot for the shower!


BM: The lyrics to each song are beautifully intertwined into the instruments, specifically “Got me Tonight”, what goes into creating something new and original what no one has ever heard? What do you do to find inspiration?


J: Inspiration comes from anything! Every experience, every thought, every struggle or test. As a songwriter, you’re very sensitive. Its great to be able to write though. I feel as an artist you never run out material and that’s truly amazing. There is always something brewing.


BM: What do you say to some of your fans that have looked down on your time in hiatus (that ass on Facebook), anything to say about taking time off to what some would consider their dream job: being a musician?


J: Hahaha I guess there isn’t much to say about that! People will be honest, I put myself up for ridicule. It comes with the territory. I don’t know hey, I have to keep myself sane, first and foremost. If that means a break then that’s what needs to be done. It was vital for me to put out the best and if I don’t feel I have that at any given time, its my responsibility to make sure I have that and that I’m content with the product. You’re only as good as your last song so the last song has the be brilliant. At all times. Its my brand at the end of the day and I take it seriously.


BM: For those musicians starting out in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the South African Pop scene has always been a difficult genre to break into, if you had to give the smaller guys some advice in their own career what would it be?


J: Keep pushing. Its cliched I know but this os hard work. There are no overnight success stories and people need to know that. Its rewarding and doing what you love is insane but it comes with blood, sweat and tears. You need to be ready for the struggles. A true artist will put up with that though because its so amazing to be able to do this!


BM: I’m sure there are big names out there you’ve taken inspiration from or people that have driven you to succeed, who are they?


J: I admire so many artists, both local and international. AKA is a favourite of mine. He has done amazing things in the industry! Im really into local hip hop so my list is very biased -jokes! I also love SZA, Tinashe, Bryson Tiller. When it comes to bands, I’m an old soul so I love anything from the 70’s and 80’s. Too many to mention but as long as Zeppelin and Nirvana is on there somewhere I’m happy.

BM: We cannot wait to get you up to Johannesburg for a concert! Any plans to do a local and international tour when the album is released?


J: I’d love to tour. I love performing in general so I’m sure we can make that happen. Fingers crossed!