Selling Sick with Martin Rocka

By now, you’ve noticed that we have better things to do than ask bands the questions they’ve already answered hundreds of times. It seems Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop have better things to do than to play the same music we’ve heard hundreds of times…so it makes sense that we chatted to them ahead of their guest performance at the Let’s Twist Again launch at the Goodluck Bar on the 16th of July. Richard got hold of Martin himself to talk about sick, slags and spontaneous combustion…and rocka/psychobilly ways of life

Richard Chemaly (RC): When selling sick, I get that you need to ensure that the customer gets what they’re paying for. Is that why Martin has to wear the lucha libre mask and the sickshop members expose the contagiousness completely? How much do you usually charge for sick?

Martin Rocka (MR): Sick is a state of mind and cannot be bought, sold or hired.

RC: When I was in grade 9, I heard your music for the first time. I distinctly remembering hearing “Burst into Flames” and wishing I could ask you a question. Now that I have the opportunity, 14 year old me would love to know what it’s like to be on fire? You seem to be alright now? Was Cartoon Network always lying to me about how painful it is?

MR : Well it’s just a wicked intent and a mind that’s bent, if you want to burst into flames just go to church with Rocka playing on your (ear goggles) aka headphones …and WTF is grade 9?

RC:  When I turned 22 and still couldn’t get any action, I spend a significant portion of my life looking for this Slaglab you sang of.  I’m still searching. Could you give me an address? What does the front of it look like so I do drive past it? Should I expect many protesters outside?

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MR: At the slag lab we fashion all kinds of slags -men ,women,half n half as long as they’re designed dirty we do them at the factory. The original slag lab was set up as a mobile clinic to help concert goers get nasty with professionals then take that experience into the field as such, so there was never a permanent address and now it’s too well known to reveal a street address. Sorry slag wannabies. Take a number and stand in line .

RC: How much bourbon do you have to drink to prepare your voice for a rockabilly gig? I’ve been told 7 tots is enough if you read out Tom Waits’ twitter feed aloud for about 10 minutes before going on stage? Would you recommend this method?

MC: No, you’ve heard wrong it’s strong cannabis, heavy ale and good shoes that make a Rocka/psychobilly singer. Pre-show prep is based on trying to sober up and switching the brain to standby mode; thinking not required or desired .

RC: You don’t strike me as a group that believes in luck. Do you? If you play at the Goodluck bar, would something exciting happen like spontaneous combustion? While spontaneously combusting, will you sing “Burst into Fames?”

MC: Voodoo rock n roll, cat bones, rolling dice, number 13 and generally losing is what we’re all about, luck mostly eludes us so we’re tattooed with lucky symbols, play at the Good Luck Bar and all carry rabbits feet on chains hanging off our leather jackets .

See ya for a stomping good time real soon at Goodluck Bar on the 16th

Stay sic!

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