Easy Freak’s New Video: Gotta Be You

Easy Freak released a new video: Gotta Be You was shot and directed by Brett Jones of Pretty Handsome Films,  and it’s really colourful…as is the song it accompanies. Richard spoke with the Durban duo consisting of Jude and Dom about the video and their music. They talk hiding behind colourful silhouettes, colourful emotions and the colourful future.


Richard Chemaly (RC): The video is so colourful…except where guitar playing is involved where the guitar is pretty much blacked out…what are you trying to hide?

Easy Freak (EF): We swear Dom can actually play guitar! *laughts* It just happened to work out like that because all the shots with instruments were silhouettes!

RC: In the track, which both of you are performing, you’re telling a girl that she’s the one…but there are two of you. Which one of you is she the one for? Or can we look forward to a battle to the death between you?

EF: It is quite interesting because Jude wrote the song, and Dom is singing it.  But it’s a concept that is easy to relate to as most people have felt that way about someone.

RC: Throughout the video, the lady’s face is not exposed until right until the end. What is the significance or meaning behind that?

EF: Throughout the video the guy dancer is fighting for the attention and affection of the girl, and shows perseverance to pursue her. She is resistant at first, but once he breaks through the layers of her doubt, he wins her heart in the end. It’s soppy and beautiful.

RC: Even your previous single, So Lonely, gave me the feels of sitting in a smokey cafe, drinking a martini puffing a cigar with a view of the night lights. Do you have a particular feel you want your music to induce?

EF: We want to make feel good music that gets people moving. That’s our main aim. But we also want people to feel something when they listen to us, a sense of reflecting on love, joy, hope or something more?

RC: We imagine you’d want to improve on yourself. To that end, your previous hit got a lot of commercial traction locally. What are your hopes for this new track?

EF: We’re always wanting to improve and be a relevant voice, and we hope that ‘Gotta Be You’ gets a lot of traction throughout SA, both regional and national. We’d love to establish ourselves as a prominent live act, and we hope that our new single builds as a stepping stone towards that.