Richard Stirton Releases Debut Album: Middle Ground

Richard Stirton Debut Album:

Friday, 7 October 2016 saw the release of the debut album by SA’s first winner of The Voice, Richard Stirton. The album is entitled: Middle Ground!

The writing and pre-production of the album took place over 3 months and includes contributions by various writers, including Richard himself. He also had the opportunity to work with the likes of Brad and Josh Klynsmith from Gangs of Ballet and Jethro Tait from the group Four on this album. Middle Ground was produced by Denholm Harding and recorded at the legendary B-Sharp Studios in Boksburg. Richard describes the recording environment as very relaxing – something he sees as vital for fostering creativity because “when you are truly comfortable, you can fully express yourself from a creative point of view”, says Richard.

“The goal of this album was to be as true to who I am as a person as possible. The goal was to make music that I believe in, because I feel like if you believe in what you are doing, others will believe in it to. I never want to be putting on an act. Denholm really helped me achieve this with his unbelievable understanding of music, instruments and sounds.”

Richard describes the album as a diverse album sonically but at the same time the message throughout remains similar and the core sound of the album is consistent and identifiable. It comes back to believing in the music and the message behind it. If a song feels right, it feels right. Richard’s signature vocal dynamics – the creative placement of his voice to create different moods and feel – is a prominent feature of the album.

Richard has learnt a lot from winning The Voice. Before the competition, he saw music as an outlet and less as a means of communication. Working with the guidance of the likes of Denholm in studio and Kahn Morbee during the show, he learned not to overdo his vocal deliveries and learned to understand the importance of structure in a song.

“The Voice and the experiences opened my eyes to a lot of different aspects of music, the writing process being one of them. It helped me to deliver a diverse, emotive and honest album. I am exceptionally proud of the album. I think it shows a range of what I can do but also stays true to who I am and the kind of sound I want to be associated with. The messages of the songs are honest and true and the efforts put in by everyone involved are aligned with this. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to record this debut album, with the people I have worked with and the product that has been created as a result.”

Middle Ground Track Listing:

  1.     Break The Silence
  2.     What Tears Me The Most
  3.     Catching The Tears
  4.     Our Night
  5.     Skinny Love
  6.     Dance
  7.     Fall Apart
  8.     If I
  9.     The Sound of Silence
  10.     Call It Luck

“I hope that the album will be able to be the soundtrack to many memories for the people who support me by buying and listening to it. They can expect emotion, energy, cool beats, uplifting moments and sometimes very raw, vulnerable deliveries. I hope they feel my heart in this album.”