We Speak with Janice on the release of her new single

We got to speak with Janice on the release of her new single, Now or Never feat. Ason. We like Janice and she plays along, even though we made a small woops, exposing our ignorance on the subject of green tea.

Richard Chemaly (RC): You know what we love about you Janice? Even when you don’t sing loudly, your voice oozes power. Of course, your voice is a significant asset. What steps do you take to protect it? Green tea? Honey?

Janice (J): Green tea is actually bad for your voice. Because it dries out your vocal chords…but my remedies that work all the time are :Rooibos tea + fresh lemon + loads of honey , room temperature water and then loads of sleep…sleep cures everything!

RC: You’ve gone from backup singer to solo artist. Is there anything you miss from the backup singer days?

J: Urmmmmm YES . When you a back up singer the pressure is way less. I don’t miss anything though because I still get to do most of the same things just on a more intense level with added jobs. Maybe sleep ???? (laughs)

RC: The new single, Now or Never, seems to inject a bit more pace and beat than what we’re used to in your music. What inspired new energy?

J: I believe your music evolves with you as an artist and whatever you are influenced by in the moment will come out in your craft or project you working on. Personally I just feel like I’m in a great space at the moment and I can see how it affects my music because I focus on producing real material.

RC: These ultimatums, like the one you describe in the song, are becoming more and more common. Is the song addressed to anybody in particular? We were arguing in the office, speculating who it may be and we decided Drake. You’re singing to Drake, right?

J: It could be (laughs) A lady never kisses and tells … however I will say that I mostly write from real life experiences! Drake????  I’m not sure I’m getting you guys on this one. But I will say that he didn’t even give Rihanna any ultimatums. He was very clear about how he felt!

RC: We’re curious though. You have a cool single out now. What will you be doing with it? Touring? Remixing? Collaborating? We’re excited to know what is next on the cards for you. Tell us now! (or never).

J: (laughs) these jokes man … I’m in studio working on the album at the moment. I don’t have a date yet. And I’m not about rush myself at all. Once the album is done a tour will follow. And maybe the album will have collabs. Not too sure yet.