Albert Frost Says this Before Park Acoustics

We had access to Albert Frost ahead of Sunday’s Park Acoustics gig and spoke to him about his hair, his music and his respect for lyrics. If you read closely he’ll also let you in on a little tip as to where the after party is.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Your relatively new album,The Wake Up, released earlier this year. With it, you’ve hit the 3 album mark.It’s easy to fit two albums worth of music in a live set but three is a bit tricky. How have you been picking what to play in your sets? What can we expect at Park Acoustics?

Albert Frost (AF): Yes, it is great to have a greater choice to play. The set will mostly come from the new album, but also some favourites from Devils and Gods, and even a few from Catfish.

RC: I hope you take this as it is intended with the best intentions but every time I look at you, I can’t help thinking you remind me of a modern Riaan Cruywagen…but then I figured, much like him, you’ve been rocking for years and you don’t look like you’ve aged a day since. When did you two meet and what secrets did he share with you to keep you so young? My receding hairline demands answers.

AF: (Laughs) It was the summer of 69! He gave me a very special comb that sealed the deal!!

RC: You’ve been around the world rocking out with some of the best. Have you picked up any nuggets of musical wisdom in your travels and do you feel a need to plough such knowledge into the SA scene?

AF: Absolutely – The biggest thing I picked up is that they are all conscious that they are lucky to be doing what they are doing, and that they respect the audience in every way. We need to pass that on.

RC: The lyrics in Tonight took me at least seven repeats before I was able to interpret them, which is great. It seems you put a lot of effort into your lyrics in an age when that’s a rarity and lyrics serve only to carry the melody. Since you’re putting in so much graft to express yourself, do you get as offended/annoyed by poorly formed lyrics as we do?

AF: I do not like poor lyrics either. There should be a strong meaning. I think it shows respect to the form to at least make it sound good.

RC: So…Pretoria…it’s quite a jol and near to the venue..soooo…where will the afterparty be? What is your regime following a show usually? Any cool war stories?

AF: We hang at the the WATKYKJY headquarters, laugh, drink and …….. who knows what can happen. Usually I like to have a drink and something to eat – and then I start to prepare for the next show! I have been known as General Electric but there’s no time for all the stories!!