Crimson House is Howling at your Door!

Crimson House Drops Single: Howling At Your Door

Crimson House release latest offering featuring Ann Jangle who is making waves in Europe. The track is titled “Howling at your door” and takes the bands blues sound into another dimension with its unique style.

The song was produced by Graham Ward the legendary UK producer who worked with artists such as Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Mark Knopfler, Ray Charles and the Bee Gees to name a few.

The video was shot and directed by Martin Geldenhuys in Cape town. It’s a pretty rad beat and the backings from Ann Jangle polish the funky style that’s continued to be┬ávery popular in Europe over the past few years, and the local energy brings something new to our ears, we love it, we dig it, we’ll be jamming to it!

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