Ever heard of RO? Well, they recently released their new Single

RO new Single: Fall Released

RO are a dynamic young pop duo from Johannesburg making waves across the country.

They’ve just released a video for their second single “Fall” taken from their debut album “The Daydream Club” which consists of 10 original tracks composed by Leandro and Jethro is available on CD and in digital formats.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkA6-t1wHeo” width=”320″ height=”200″]

Here’s a bit about the guys that make up RO:

First there’s ‘The older brother’, Leandro, and then there’s ‘The amazing sense of humour’ of the duo, Jethro. The one thing you can’t ignore about RO is their ‘cooler than you’ bromance that brings a laid-back vibe to any room. They’re your comb-over, V-neck, shades-indoors and skinny-jeans-with-boots type of dudes. They’re so genuine, it makes you feel you’ve known them for a lifetime.

“We met early in 2015 – by chance we were both performing at a school awards ceremony. One could say it was love at first note. From there we got to spend a lot of time together, and nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you and your partner have the same vision and passion.”

“As artists we’re focused and always working towards perfecting our craft. Good enough isn’t enough. Every song we’ve written has a secret meaning that only we know. Fans have to decide for themselves, because music is personal.” ~ RO