Wendy Oldfield and The Wild Bunch: A Reminder To The World

A Reminder to the World:

One of South Africa’s top songwriters and performers, Wendy Oldfield is back with a new track about consciousness, our place on this world and our voice of significance. “ A Reminder To The World “ ,written and produced by Wendy, she also  sings on the track along with The Wild Bunch, 10 teenage singers that she has been mentoring, all with unique styles telling a story and reminding the world we’re all a part of her.

Wendy had this to say about the song “In 2009 I wrote the chorus for A Reminder To The World. After singing it a thousand times, I still couldn’t come up with any verses, every lyric and melody line I tried to come up with sounded false and just did not fit the  song, so I shelved it. Over the next few years I kept thinking about it , but when I tried to remember the chorus I had written it seemed to me it had disappeared, and was lost forever. In 2014 words started coming to me, like “one more tree”, and when I got to the end of the verse suddenly the chorus appeared to drop from the sky and landed in its rightful place, in the same key and the correct tempo, and I thought: “there you are!”!

The song seemed to write itself, and it felt like it did not belong to me, it was not meant for my voice – the message was coming through me, but it was meant to be carried to you through the voices of young people, of teenagers. I felt it would be heard differently if the words came from “The mouths of babes”

The song A Reminder To The World plays with the concept of the tipping point, the critical mass created by just one more voice, one more word, and of the change you can bring about if you add your voice and you speak your truth. One more tree and the wood becomes a forest. One more bee and they hive into a swarm. One more breath of wind blows the last grain of sand and a mountain is reborn.

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