Rouge Teams up with Mark Stent to release badass single!

The unprecedented duo have got what is probably one of the hottest singles of the year out and we got to speak to Rouge about her experience recording the single, working with  Mark and musical philosophy.

Richard Chemaly (RC): We do what we do so we can get early access to amazing music like this. We’ve been singing along in the office for about two days now and still we can’t keep up with your pace. We can’t figure out who it’s addressed to? You claim it’s the “takeover not the game over” and that you are a “queen but to you I’m a prawn”. Where is this resentment (is it resentment?) aimed?

Rouge (R): This is the take over, now the game’s over. And me talking about being a queen is just the industry in general. Stating we are here to be movers and shakers, that’s pretty much all.

RC: Mark Stent developed the background. You’ve developed the lyrics. Both come together to create music…which leads us to an important question…what came first, lyrics or the beat?

R: The beat…Definitely the beat!! Which Mark murdered by the way.

RC: Having collaborated with others before as has Mark, what’s Mark like to work with? Did you take anything from his vast experience? Did he take anything from your vast energy?

R: The energy was soooo effortless. He allowed me to play with the song and really not rush the process. I was quite nervous and after a few minutes of talk, the gitters vanished.

RC: You’ve had quite a rough year. Has your music, recording and performing aided you in anyway to stay calm, release frustration and/or focus energies?

R: Music is always a saviour to me. Its that gift God gave me to use when ever the dark times come.

RC: At such a young age you’re doing some pretty rocking stuff. Are you worried you’re going to exhaust the list of rocking things to do? What’s next on the hitlist?

R: I’m always stressing about that and worrying if I will run out of ideas and I keep surprising myself, so let’s wait and see.