Catch Tresor’s Incredible Talent at Onesight Acoustics Tomorrow

If you haven’t heard of Tresor yet, do yourself a favour and come check him out at Onesight Acoustics tomorrow. If you have heard of Tresor before, then you wouldn’t need any prodding. Richard caught up with the humble yet skilled guitarist ahead of his gig tomorrow. We’ll see you there!

Richard Chemaly (RC): I’m infatuated by your story; leaving the DRC with limited English ability, working as a car guard and security officer while pursuing your music career and now being on top of the musical world. Often, even in the millennial generation, it’s easier to just give up when times are tough. What motivated you to stick the course and what would your advice be to those who are considering quitting on their dreams?

Tresor (T): Thank you very much. I made a decision very early in my career that music is all I wanted to do whether I make it or not. So I poured my whole life and soul in everything I did then and now.It’s the best decision I have made in my life…to choose living my dream despite all challenges.To my people considering quitting their dreams…there is no better way of living this life then breathing and living your dream, enjoy the challenges and keep on believing,eventually the world open all its doors

RC: As a producer, vocalist, and all round musician, you’ve collaborated with a number of artists, like the Kiffness who will also be playing Onesight Acoustics. Have you had the opportunity to collaborate with anybody you looked up to while growing up?

T: Yes my whole life is like a fantasy, I get calls to hang out with Hugh Masekela regularly ,make music with Mahotella Queens and many other african music legends like Lokua Kanza.This was all a child hood dream that seemed impossible.

RC: You’ve done much charitable work, including serving the Nelson Mandela Children Hospital Trust. Now you’re playing at Onesight Acoustics…also a charitable outreach. What attracts you to do charity and how do we get more people involved?

T: I am really passionate about charity cause I deeply believing in the spirit of giving our best selves to other people in order to feel fulfilled. We just need to really need to plant the seed of giving and serving generously in the youth globally.

RC: Because you have such a huge repertoire of music and talents, is it difficult to chose what you’re going to play at a gig? What can we look forward to at Onesight Acoustics?

T: Looking forward to just having fun and sharing the music.

RC: Your latest release, This is Home, speaks to Africa being your home. Like your other releases, it brings a unique feeling of pride in being African. Do you intend to make your music bring out these feelings in the listeners?

T: Yes I truly consider myself a strong pioneer of the new African pop culture. Everything I do musically or fashion wise has to be African inspired with the sole mission to spread our culture and sound globally.