Zengeance set for Exciting Set at Malkop

If you haven’t heard of Malkop, don’t worry. Neither had we. It is, after all, only hitting it’s second year in December. From the the 2nd to the 4th to be exact…which is cool because what better way to start your December than with a rocking fest…in the Cape? The lineup boasts some great acts from Koos Kombuis to Albert Frost and fits Van Coke and Ben Dey in between. The full lineup is on their event page and is worth checking out. Our eyes caught the name Zengeance.

If you haven’t heard of Zengeance, don’t worry. Neither had we but the name sounded cool so we checked what we could find online; A three piece rock band made up of high school nerds formed to, inter alia,  take on and win a high school talent show and then just kept on going. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for more of their music because I love their mission to bring back that raw rock sound which has been absent in SA discourse for some time. I also really love their sound which sounds exactly what you’d expect of some kids with the spunk of Blink but the love for the Black Keys. They even have a video out:


I got to speak with them and they’re a damn cool bunch. I’m pretty excited to hear their set since they seem to be taking the band thing seriously enough to enjoy it but seriously enough to be divas so we’re expecting some fun stage presence. We talk all things ambition, boerewors, Sex Bom Omb, dick jokes and jazzbang!

Richard Chemaly (RC): Right on gents. We’ll excuse the fact that you’re from the wrong side of the Boerewors curtain because the revival of the three piece rock band is something we feel South Africa needs…so thanks for that. How daunting is it to have that responsibility on your shoulders?

Zengeance (Z): Hey, well the drummer’s from the ghettos of Bellville. That’s worth something, right? As for the responsibility on our shoulders; we’ve been too stressed out by the pressure of getting girls and passing exams to realize that we are expected to bring an entire style of music back into fashion single-handedly, until you helpfully reminded us…so thanks for that.

RC: Of course as a rock band there are some iconic cult venues to be played; the 3 Mystic Boers around the country, House of Machines in your hood, Amsterdam in Durban, Aandklas in Pretoria and the Radium in Jozi. Being as young and ambitious as you are, what is your dream stage?

Z: Apart from the prestigious stage at Malkop? We’d like to play the river at Up The Creek for the sun and summer, the original Mystic Boer for the historic significance, and The Truth Bar in Cape Town for the Hipster cred. Of course, being young and ambitious, Wembley and the Colliseum are also on our hit list.

RC: You recently won Stellie’s Got Talent, which must have gotten you all the love in the famously, urm, unrefined parts of the Bosch. How was the party that night and how hard to you intend to party at Malkop?

Z: We did indeed win Stellies Got Talent, but please hold your horses, curb your enthusiasm and generally lower the bar a bit. The Stellies Got Talent we competed in is our School’s Talent show, held in the hall. Still a sick jam, but needless to say not much partying was to be had. Didn’t help that we had an important test the next day. In truth, two of us are rather boring like that in general, despite our Rock ‘n Roll backgrounds and haircuts. So please don’t be offended when only one of us is still up at eleven.

RC: We’ve been to many festivals yet not yet had the pleasure of seeing you perform since you’re still new on the scene…and also quite far away from us (*sheds a tear*). What do you things defines your on stage presence? We’ll come watch the gig and tell you if your answer is right retrospectively. Also, have you ever played a fest before? Looking forward to this one?

Z: Imagine the cast of “The Benchwarmers” conducting a séance while on cocaine. Or perhaps a drugged-up slinky, a pensioner at a punk gig and a monkey fascinated by the middle distance sharing the stage. Put simply, we are three gangly high school nerds in a garage band. We’ll jump around in the punk songs, jazzbang in the blues songs and pout when there are girls watching. Really though, we rely on our tightness and co-ordination to produce a sound we hope will absorb the crowd and get them as lost as we are.

Regarding festivals, we’ve played the Meltstock Festival(billed as Zengins), which is part of the annual Winter Wonderland fest held in Gordon’s Bay. We were also at the private annual Zeegunst New Years fest, where we played just before Valiant Swart. This will however be our first proper public festival with the camping and everything, so we are quite ampped for it.

RC: I got such a kick from seeing on your facebook profile that you’re influenced by Sex Bob-Omb, made famous through the Scott Pilgrim franchise (Did you also think the comics were so much worse than the movie?). What are your ambitions to make a movie of your band and use Malkop as an opportunity to start recording?

Z: Unfortunately, we must confess that we have not read the comics. The film is counted among our all time favourites though (somewhere between The Lord of the Rings and Almost Famous), and we adore Sex Bob-Omb. We briefly tried covering Garbage Truck, but the pressure proved too much. We have already garnered some experience making films together through a 9th grade venture known as Billyam, a great tale of honour, magic, rebellion and lots of “juvenile” humour (dick jokes). We even adapted it for the stage. Sadly, we have not yet made much about the band, but you’ve reawakened our creative juices and Malkop could be the perfect place to launch a touching tale of the rise to stardom, a difficult coming-of-age and, hopefully, lots of dick jokes.