Mathew Gold’s New Video

We got to ask Mathew about his new video, Never Mind. We speak about ambition, wearing shades indoors and Francios van Coke as an inspiration. You can check out the video here and read what Mat has to say about it below.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Never mind the colour in your beaty new video I guess also. Why the black and white?

Mathew Gold (MG): Its been a vision stuck in my head for years now and I’ve dreamt about it numerous time. I’ve impatiently been waiting for the right song to bring this vision to life.

RC: Matt, you’ve been through the arts scene at length, from commercials to presenting and now production and singing. Where are you intending all of this to lead?

MG: My ambition has no limit at this point but in a perfect world it would lead to a lifelong career full of incredible stories and experiences that I can truly be proud of . I’ve seen what self doubt can do but somehow my life and career has always made sense to me even when the nonsense has no explanation. The musician I am becoming is so much greater simply because I’ve not stopped learning and will never stop.

RC: We’ve noticed you’re a fan of sunglasses, but try as we might, we couldn’t find a picture of you wearing shades while indoors. We think you should be commended for that. What are your views on people who wear shades in the shade?

MG: I’ve sadly got famous friends who refuse to take them off in almost any situation. I’ll allow it if you had no sleep the night before, got punched for not sleeping or  you look like BONO from U2. Any other reason , STOP! I will make fun of you!

RC: Seriously though, on the new video, you carry a guitar but you don’t play it. Instead you bash it up. Can you play the guitar? Is that a ploy to look cool without being able to rock the instrument?

MG: I’ve been playing the guitar for more than a decade. My dad played the piano and guitar so it felt natural to follow in his ways. It all started with the drums then I saw Francois Van Coke perform when I was 15 and instantly wanted to be a rockstar and stage dive for money. The harmonica and piano soon followed all before I realised I could sing. The actual guitar I used in the video was my brothers first electric, it was totally unrepairable and 100% music video worthy. He only realised it once the video dropped(*winks*)

RC: We understand that a new album is in the works for next year. Can we look forward to some more beaty music or will you be taking a different approach?

MG: My approach for this entire album has been about trying to consistently make international quality music . Thinking and feeling unbridled about my music not just vocally but lyrically, personally and sonically. Trust me when I say that my beats are more “beaty” than anything I’ve made to date. My unbridled approach will not change so don’t be surprised when I challenge the way you hear things.