Wonder Women Trailer

Wonder Women Rocks!

I’ve always enjoyed Wonder Women’s style! Ok, not in the comic books, actually, I’ve never liked her as a character in the comic books, it may have been the odd costume of stars and stripes and the odd power of her bracelets (I mean, why bracelets of all things). Though I’ve always admired Wonder Women as an icon of popular culture, women’s rights and equality and democracy of tyranny.

We now live in an age where Super Hero movies are the main stay and have become the biggest money makers on planet Movies. The battle between Marvel and DC for superhero movie and entertainment dominance is far from over, despite of DC’s several failures.

We now have been graced with the awesomeness and energy that is Wonder Women, the movie. Based on it’s recent trailer, we’re looking at a powerful female character (The first good one in years) and a male counter part, Chris Pine, playing Steve Trevor, the male antagonist and crashed World War 1 pilot, doesn’t seem to take energy away from Wonder Women/ Diana Prince, played by stunning Gal Gabot, in the slightest.

I can already feel the men in the forth coming audience loosing their masculinity while watching this! I cannot wait to see their insecurity wobble out their bodies!

Wonder Women Comics

The Overture Story:

The trailer doesn’t give too much away, but outlines¬†the story: It’s based during World War 1, ¬†what Diana’s motivations would be going into the fight and the eventual battle scene where we get to see Wonder Women in her fully armoured glory. Though, we don’t see much in terms of villain, maybe some kind of early Nazi (Everyone loves to fight Nazis), I look forward to what this movie is able to do for both the DC universe and Wonder Women as a modern character over the old corny stars and stripes mini skirt.

Watch the trailer here, and take note of the specific Wonder Women theme track:

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q8fG0TtVAY” width=”320″ height=”200″]