Every Park must have a Forest…and Every Park Acoustics must have a Chris Forrest

Chris Forrest is a pretty funny guy and he’s going to be making all the funnies at Park Acoustics on on the 26th of November…and it will be the last one so you should come check it out. We spoke with him ahead of his gig about all things funny, offensive and bowtie!

Richard Chemaly (RC): Chris. I haven’t seen you perform in over a year since that one fateful night you were hosting a gig at Parkers. Where have you been? Are you still recovering from all the hangover or has that been me?

Chris Forrest (CF): I’m old, so hangovers last forever these days, but I’m hoping the pain I’m currently feeling is unrelated to that night… In the last year I’ve been doing runs of my current one man show “Who’s Your Daddy?” my two man show “Don’t Burn Your Sausage” and trying to seduce Noleen from “Three Talk” – I figure she’s unemployed now and open to suggestions.

RC: We’ve noticed you’ve recently started ditching the bowtie more often and going open collar. What’s the deal? Were you getting sick of people calling you, “professor”?

CF: Ha ha, I feel you may need to attend more of my shows – for the most part I ditched the bow tie 10 years ago. That was a character I used to do who was quite conveniently also named “Chris Forrest”. Although I still bring him back for special occasions, like orgies and one man shows (which is ironically a fairly apt description of my orgies)

RC: We’ll see at Park Acoustics *winks* We still imagine you as the professor-ed bowtie wearer, speaking of which, there’re some interesting things going down in the academic discourse of the country. Is it ballsy to make a joke about the Free Education Movement or anything controversial? How do you determine what you should self-censor if anything at all? Is it okay to go full Gilbert Gottfried?

CF: In comedy you can make a joke about anything as long as its funny, if people are offended then that’s their choice, I’m more offended if I’ve paid money to see a show and its bland, middle of the road and not funny at all. Side Note: Who or what is Gilbert Gottfried?

RC: He’s the hallmark of offensive comedy in the US…but this is SA where our comedy is on the rise with new clubs popping up all over. It makes me feel like we’re entering the democratisation era of comedy in SA similar to how California entered the democratisation of punk around ’94. What are the important stages to perform as a comic and how does Park Acoustics fit into it?

CF: The best stages to perform on are preferably raised, and strong enough to support the weight of those performing on them, you don’t want to find yourself going through an awkward stage. Park acoustics has a great stage, very sturdy made better my a superb cooler box filled with a ginger’s beer, which we democratically share amongst us.