One Sunday with Onesight

Sunday the 13th of November brought with it lovely blue skies and warm waves of music kicked off by December streets in the early afternoon at The Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg, playing to a mostly empty venue, their feel good vibe made a perfect backdrop for some patrons to enjoy a cold beer and have a good chat over a hub.

Next up was BCUC, with the venue slowly filling up BCUC hit the stage with complete disregard to anybody’s “Chilled acoustic sunday” they performed with their ever-present fire and with a seemingly endless energy supply they were impossible to ignore, as always their message of unity was pushed and they left the the stage hot-sweaty and well received.


At this point the hunger bug had started to hit and we decided to sample off the creative pizza menu that good luck bar has, after a bit of contemplation we decided to order the “Donkey Rattle” Soy duck, coriander, spring onion, sesame pickled mushrooms, ginger and garlic, not the best choice , It was tasty but my bad choice meant I had ordered a dry pizza, cheese wasn’t listed as an ingredient and I didn’t think about the consequences , that coupled with no available beer on tap made my lunch a dry unfulfilling (albeit tasty) experience.

Sound checks and general volume increase meant it was time to head back into the venue in time to catch the start of Reason’s set, another artist that has very little in common with the term “Sunday acoustic” his up beat rap style would not be out of place packing the doors of this venue on a friday night or on the soundtrack of a new fifa street game, getting the Sunday crowd off its feet and moving is always a hard ask but Reason’s set got more than a couple of patrons on their feet.


As the sun started dropping and the last couple of drinks were being ordered, I noticed a stranger standing dead still behind me, dressed like a Micheal Jackson/ mortal combat mix I knew this was a showman, and it got the questions out of me that I think it was meant to “Who’s that?” it was DJ Invizable, he held a stationary pose until the majority of people left in the venue had taken notice. he then joined a very colorful bongo player on the stage and started his set, im not one for electronic music but his set was enjoyable and it was definitely something worth watching.


As we were leaving the venue we decided to take a photo in the Jack Daniels photobooth, as I stood in the booth like a sheep the JD staff told me I had to buy a Jack Daniels Tennessee fire shooter, fair enough let’s do this, after buying the shooters I once again assumed sheep position, only to be told I now needed to fill in a form, ok Jack, you are selling me a digital photo, literally the most free thing you could possibly sell me and as a fan of the brand I didn’t mind buying the shooter OR filling out the info, but to make me do both was a bit rude I think, was told the photos would be sms’d to me, come on Jack, I still haven’t received them at the time of writing this, oh well will post them as an update when I get them.

We left the venue having had a pretty cool day, The good luck bar is very close to a police station so get your stoner friend that doesn’t drink to drive or uber when you go there, all in all it was a good day with good music and I got home and ready for bed nice and early , because Sunday is in fact a school night.