Majozi talks to us and gives away Park Acoustic Tickets

It’s Park Acoustics time again…and we have tickets to give away (check the Facebook page). We also spoke with Majozi ahead of his performance there and talk all things from collaborations, Salt Rock and clarify our error mistaking meaning of lyrics.

Richard Chemaly (RC): We’ve recently been interviewing a ton of artists from the 031. Was there some amazing academy that just took off last decade to produce great musicians? Where did you ply your trade before you reached fame in 2013?

Majozi (M): *laughs* It’s so true. A lot of us are friends and a few of us studied music for a bit at UKZN. I used to play at markets and weddings a lot, but for the most part I would play at the Litchi Orchard in Salt Rock and a place called Yellow Café. Actually I pretty much played everywhere people would have me.

RC: We’ve noticed you can rock strings, skins and keys…are there any instruments you can’t play (yet)? Anything in particular you’re busy learning?

M: To be honest. I’m trying to learn to be better at keys. I can play a little but not as well as I’d like too.

RC: Check what a small world it is. We just interviewed Tresor who featured on your track, The Woods, which was just mixed by our friends, Evida. The age of collaboration is upon us. How do you decide who you collaborate with and have some dividing lines been formed in the industry?

M: Tresor is such a legend. I’ve known Tresor for awhile know and he also came from the 031 so I heard about him before and we naturally clicked! For me when I colab, I like it to be a fun and easy process. It can’t be forced. There areso many other people that I hope I can colab with in the future. Things just have to clink in place for it happen. The Evida boys are young, so much cooler than I, and brought a fresh youthfulness to the remix. Flipping stoked with the work they did so we decided to use it. You’re gonna see a whole lot more coming from them in the future…so much talent!

RC: One of our readers, Mo, asked us to ask you about your song Fire. He (and in turn also us) wants to know what it’s about because it sounds like it’s about sex. So, what’s Fire about?

M:*laughs* I’m not Caleb Followhill (KIngs of Leon). The song isn’t about sex, but I do kinda see how you would think that. The song is about God. The Fire that I’m referring to is rather fire for Him….an overwhelming passion. Eugene Coetzer from Monark actually wrote the lyrics. I’ll tell him what you thought. He’ll laugh.

RC: Darling is probably my favourite song of yours. Not only because it sounds awesome but because reading the commentary on the song is so refreshing. Basically, in a time when South Africa is going through such a difficult time, it’s liberating to see people so positive about aspects of it, such as your music. What’s the coolest comment you’ve received about your music?

M: Ah thanks so much man. Choosing a my favourite comment would be to hard, but recently a young lady had to do an oral at school on her favourite SA icon. So she did it on me. That was really touching.

RC: Performing the year end Park Acoustics is a big deal. We’re excited! You’ve obviously played bigger, smaller and other gigs before. What have you learned along the way that you’re going to apply to your Park Acoustics set?

M: I am super excited to play at Park Acoustics. I’ve been wanting to play for years, so it really means a lot to me that I get to play the last one for the year. I’m just gonna enjoy myself. Take it all in, connect with those people who have been supporting me so well for so long, and put on the best show I possibly can for them

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