Ruby Burton is Evolving…but Dancing Remains her First Love

Ruby Burton is a young and talented musician who’s been on the scene a relatively long time for her limited years. I was super excited to interview her after seeing her new video for the single, Shiver. Mostly because it shows off how she’d put me to shame on the dance floor but also because I sincerely appreciate the introspective qualities of the song. At some point, I even unintentionally tug on her heartstrings and discover her undercover skills. Check it out…both the song and the interview.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Congrats on the new video and song. Both of which are a signifcant change from My Man and Moving Times (loved the Camps Bay dance scene by the way). What’s caused this more introspective escapist approach to the new song? Feel like you’re evolving as an artist or is this simply trying something different?

Ruby Burton (RB): Definitely evolving. I was very young and naive when I created both My Man and Moving Times. I feel I have grown up quite a lot these past few years. I think Shiver gives off the real sense of Ruby Burton. When i watch it, it speaks to my soul and I always want to be an honest artist, I want to be generous with my performance.

RC: You play guitar and it seems you find a way to give it emphasis in your music and even in Shiver. Is there a particular affinity you have for the guitar? Have you ever cheated on your guitar and played with a different instrument?

RB: You have hit a little emotional point in me *chuckles*. I haven’t played the guitar properly in years. My mission for 2017 is to get back into it. You lose it if you don’t play everyday. I love writing music on the guitar. My favourite kind of style is acoustic guitar with soft vocals…raw and quite rare in this electronic time we are in. I use to play the piano in school. I also played the violin in an orchestra and played the xylophone, but my dancing took over my world and the instruments started fading away.

RC: Talk to us about the escapism in Shiver. You seemingly ditch the world and head into the dunes. Basically you’re having a private Afrikaburn. Even though it was for the shoot, did it feel liberating being semi -alone in the desert?

RB: I love that! Basically! It definitely felt liberating. We wanted to go out and create something on the sand dunes and wanted someone to document the process. It’s quite beautiful letting go and moving to your own heart beat where there are no distractions. When two souls are connecting, most of the time, in that moment nothing else matters and that’s why I wanted to give that sense of escapism. It transcends you into another dimension. Two people dancing together for me is a way to completely be in the moment or to loose myself and escape for a brief moment.

RC: The video is about two people connecting so who is in the video with you aaaannnd what’s their connection to you?

RB: Chester Martinez is the most special soul I have ever met. You’ll understand when you meet him. His energy is contagious. His movement inspires me and we had been wanting to do something together for a while. In this video its not a romantic connection like the song suggests but rather a friendship.

RC: I’m sorry to go back to this and I was avoiding asking at all but I simply have to. You have amazing dancing skills…where do they come from?

RB: Thank you. I am a trained dancer. I started dancing at the age of 4 and have never stopped. I trained in ballet and varies other styles. Dancing is my first love!

Photo Credit: Cass Collett Photography

Photo Credit: Cass Collett Photography