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Get Ready to Ramble some Bones at Park Acoustics

A Rambling Interview:

Jay Bones. Front man of so many cool things to happen to South African music over the last two decades. It’s tough to keep up with the guy but fortunately we know where he’s going to be on Sunday…so we asked him some questions about it.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Right, let’s get straight into the intimate stuff! When you wrote “Run for Cover”, which playground were you on or did you just outsource the opening lyrics to some children? Regardless, it’s always amused me that “naaa na na na…nananananana” made for great lyrics.

Jay Bones (JB): I think Na Na Na makes for great lyrics and it is cheeky. To be honest Na Na Na Na is a lot more relevant than a lot of lyrics out there.

RC: I may come from Bloemfontein but still recognize that each of you, Eric, Leigh, Angie and Jay are punk scene stalwarts who I’m sure I’ve knocked in a mosh once or twice. The Bo seems like the natural gravitating focal point for Jozi punk…similarly in the 90s, 924 Gilman was the birthplace of SoCo punk. Which places hold the scene flag high and do we need more of them?

JB: Yip we all met in various punk’sh bands and the Bohemian was essential venue. The Roxy back in the day was also a hotspot for the scene, but there were many and generally it moved around alot and there was not just one venue.

RC: We’ve seen you at Park Acoustics a couple of times (and Oppi and Boosh and…). You play live a lot. What’s the attraction that keeps you coming back to Park Acoustics…other than that they pay you?

Jay: Well they pay us, the sound is great and the audience is always great. The whole setup is very cool and it is a pleasure to play. We enjoy playing live so this is the perfect gig.

RC: Every time I see you lot, you’re either holding instruments or beers. There are hints in your music that you do other things like surf (but Gauteng) and design footwear for infants but confirm for us if you have any hobbies outside of music!

JB: Well we do have other interests, but when we not jamming we usually working to make some money and support families and hobbies. I myself enjoy walking the dog. Good dog food is expensive.

RC: As musicians, we you’ve all played in harder, faster bands before and currently. How important is it to your creative outlet to have different projects and where does Rambling Bones fit in that?

JB: I think it is important. Rambling Bones is acoustic and we do play some slower stuff and we also focus a lot on vocals and vocal harmonies. It is good and I think performing without distortion or mad drums helps us as musicians.

RC: If we get the opening lyrics to Run for Cover wrong on the 5th of Feb, how badly would we be judged?

JB: Not to badly, I have messed it up before!


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