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Bianca Wood: New Single, Blue

Blue: Latest Single from Bianca Wood:

Having lived near the ocean for a few years now.  I’m not obsessed with water or deep into water activities, but there is a comfort I find when in and near the ocean that resembles a type of comfort I have experienced from a person I loved very much.  A comfort that makes me numb to any hurt or trauma.  This is safety and the song’s “vibe” is positive and uplifting as happiness would be the true evocation when finding this “Blue” space.  This song was written for everyone and we can all hold that space for someone and no one should ever feel completely alone.”

The video illustrates the juggling of life’s daily ambiguity.  The song speaks of the silence and the sanity away from that.  The two actresses in the video – Taryn Sudding and Bianca Wood, represent the flip side of each other.  At the start Bianca narrates about Taryn’s quiet space where she escapes hurts, trauma and confusion.  However, this space could hold her captive until Bianca switches places with her towards the end of the video.  This allows Taryn to travel back to the world where she will fight her demons further.

The song and video speaks of recovery and taking patient refuge within oneself and also knowing that you are not alone.

The footage was shot by Thabo Kunutu and Martin Venter and then the video was built with visual layering and finally projected over the actor’s performances against a white wall. There’s lots of hidden details and it holds several “clues” and mysteries to discover.

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Written by Brett Magill


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