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Shortstraw Presents: Those Meddling Kids!, February Single Release:

PRESS: What’s all this about Those Meddling Kids?

Shortstraw has released the 6th single from their Those Meddling Kids Collective, entitled BOO. BOO comes after the release of January’s single Bowsie and the launch of The Bowsie Foundation, for which Shortstraw successfully raised R15 000 by reaching 15 000 music video views in 15 days, courtesy of Montego Pet Nutrition.

BOO is an atypical love song with a Shortstraw twist. Al came up with the opening lines for BOO one night in 2015 when he was at home waiting for his girlfriend.

They have a tradition of pointing out how badly most extras act in the background while watching movies, as well as obvious plot holes which come with the bad acting. The rest of the song he wrote after they had a stupid fight as a way of apologising to her, describing how their favourite thing to do is just to hang out and be goofy together.

BOO is also the first obvious love song the band has ever done – it has a bit of sass and quirk with a hook to it that is synonymous to their style, and the band decided to align it with their February release. (For more information on Those Meddling Kids, click here).

The Sticky Sweaty Music Video:

Here’s the music video of the latest single: BOO,  it’s rather creative and plain fun! I laughed a bit and in typical Shortstraw fashion, if you can remove your eyes from the men in the video and listen to the lyrics, it’s taking a serious or sad situation and making it a joke, which for me, is awesome!

I do want to know what you think of the video, so let me know in the comments:

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What do you think?

Written by Brett Magill


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