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Matthew Mole about to rock Park Acoustics. But first…

Y’know what’s great about South African celebrities? They’re generally likable people behind the scenes too. They’re also open to taking a couple of jibes. Matthew Mole is one such celeb and putting some questions to him was an opportunity not to be missed. Of course, as I have been told by the ladies, that this is an opportunity to get an insight into the South African who’s so smooth, people may think he’s triple distilled.

Unfortunately, he drew Milled and we took that opportunity to ask him some pretty offbeat stuff about envy, Cape Town’s mountain and being parodied.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Joh Matthew! It’s been a wild 7 odd years for you. I remember ages ago (well maybe it’s only been a few years) when you were breaking records and hitting the number 1 spots all over the world. Do you ever get tempted to go to people, like say Richard Stirton, and remind them that you were there first?

Matthew Mole (MM): [Laughs] That’s hilarious! Richard Stirton is amazing and so well deserving of his success. Anyone that is reaching those positions on charts is in an amazing position! It’s encouraging because people are going out and supporting you, they are getting you into the chart positions. I just want to be grateful and never feel entitled.

RC: I’ve been burning to ask you this question since I first saw the “Take Yours, I’ll Take Mine” video…which was clearly shot on the corner of Republic and William Nicol…in Johannesburg. Why do you Cape Town kids love bragging about your mountain but then still come to our neck of the woods to film? Is your mountain not as great as you make it out to be?

MM: I’m a fan of my home, South Africa – so if I can bring that across in a video, then I’m happy.
RC: Michael Cost actually parodied the video. Is that when you knew you had made it? Are you bleak that you had to settle for a Michael Cost parody or are you still waiting for that call from Weird Al?

MM: I saw Michael Cost’s video and it was funny. I’m thankful to anyone that gives my music the time of day, especially if that means they will spend that entire day filming a parody version of one of my songs.

RC: I was DJ’ing at a hard rock club and accidentally played Run the other day. I think all 48 people on the dancefloor were so upset, they immediately took out their phones and disliked the song on YouTube…so I’m sorry about that, not that it matters next to the thousands of likes! Do you get caught up directly in how your music is tracking in the industry? Does it hurt when people actively voice out that they dislike your music?

MM: Thanks for accidentally playing my song, awesome to know that it’s on your playlist. Obviously charts can get in the way and people’s opinions can get in the way but it all helps you grow as a person and a musician.

RC: Dude, you’ve been on Top Billing, Expresso, Channel 24 and now Milled. I won’t ask which the most prestigious of those is but surely at some point all of this touring, interviewing, performing gets tiring. Have you reached full rockstar status that you’re able to party all night every night for a month or are you still getting there?

MM: That ‘full rockstar status’ looks fun, but I just don’t think I’m built to handle that kind of life. I love touring and I love interviews. If a good amount of rest is going to help me do more touring and interviews then that’s what I want to try and do. I’ll be sleeping at night as much as possible!

RC: Park Acoustics is such an awesome gig. We’ve seen you play there before. Are there any tricks you veterans pick up to adapt your performance for this unique gig and what are we to expect this time around?

MM: I am constantly influenced by so many different live shows. I try to do a few things that will keep the audiences attention throughout the show, that’s been the most valuable, simple thing I have learnt about performing so far. I’m looking super forward to hanging out with the people of Pretoria, they are one of my favourite audiences to play with!

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