Interview: Safety First…but also PornHub

There’s this band. We’ve just discovered them….and they’re pretty rad! They’re called Safety First but they tend to have a lot of fun with their music. Say what you want about band gimmicks, they’re entertaining…and when the band also happens to be good to listen to, well then you’re in for some Skellum Stage type of stuff.

So this duo, comprising of Dylan and Bux (well his real name is Dewald but that would be the equivalent of calling Offspring’s Noodles, Kevin) have gotten together and written a couple of songs. Think guitars and harmonicas and a whole lotta fun. I’ve happened to occupy a bar once or twice while they were playing and had myself a jolly good time, only it was pretty impossible to enjoy the music at home because their recordings were few and far between.

Fortunately, that’s changed and a bunch of recordings are taking place and we’ve now been granted a a sort of music video on the back seat of a car…I’m guessing it wasn’t a Mercedes.

Cool song, right? So what does one do once you’ve recorded a song on the back seat of your swiftly dilapidating car? Do you place it on YouTube? Obviously! Do you share the link on Facebook? Duh! Do you try for 50 retweets? Why not! But do you really call it “2 Guys 1 Car”, catagorise it as “fisting” and “double-penetration” and post it on PornHub? Apparently.

I so badly want to share the porn hub link but given what’s happened to Milo Yionnopoulos of late, I’m hesitant, in the knowledge that kids also read these posts, to have a live link. At least check out the screen grab though. It’s amazing!

I’m looking forward to seeing what these okes put out* in the future. I’ve been following their individual careers in music for some time and am pretty excited that they teamed up.

Milled will keep abreast of their progress and bring you all the non-porn activities, right to your newsfeed!

What do you think?


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