BCUC: Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness

BCUC: Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness:

I had a chance to speak to one of those rare gems within the South African music space the other day. They were the original band the made me realise that South African music is so much more than just banjos and baggy pants!

Brett Magill [BM]: I first discovered the vocals and intense inner energy that is the music of BCUC at my fest ever festival! You guys have come such a long way since then, but I’m sure it’s not always been an easy road, where did you guys start out, where did you come from?
BCUC: BCUC started 13 years ago. We started out as friends who wanted to hear and make music that was not available at the time. We are all based in Soweto, our home and inspiration.

it was a radical departure…

BM: As I said, never easy starting out, especially with a sound as unique as BCUC, what kind of reaction have you guys received from South Africa since you came out?
BCUC: At first the BCUC sound was not received well because it was a radical departure to what was dominating the airwaves and what was expected from a black South African band. We insisted on staying true to how we hear our music. Eventually people accepted who we are and our honesty.
BM: Right so while I nearly fan girl’ed (fan person’ed?) hard at that festival, there’s always an image stuck in my head, the face of Nkosi blaring into the microphone with more passion than a I’ve seen in a live performance in ages! Is it true that you guys never run out of energy on stage and has Nkosi ever fainted on stage?
BCUC: Hahhahaha no he hasn’t fainted yet and he will not so don’t worry. The guy is a machine. And as a whole team we always bounce energy and strength from each other.
BM: With all the passion, sometimes is sounds like you guys improvise a lot? Do you, or is all controlled rehearsed passion?
BCUC: We always have the skeleton that guides us. Then when we are on stage we just dress the skeleton. So that means improvisation galore.
BM: Listening to you guys for over a year now, I need to know, when can we all expect the next Album?
BCUCCurrently we are not planning on releasing anything because we have our project OUR TRUTH that is gaining momentum worldwide.
BM: I saw you guys we’re on your way to Mozambique, what all happened there? Care to share?
BCUC: Mozambique was hot and amazing.
BM: I’ve spoken to you guys before in a much less formal setting, but what can we expect from this years earth shattering mind blowing soul lightening performance at Mielie Pop 2017?
BCUC: Mieliepop is one of the best festivals in the country. The venue is stunning, the bands who perform are on point and the audience is open to music. People can expect good music and us giving our all to this music.
BM: I don’t think I remember you guys from Mielie Pop 2016? Is this your first time and will you be gentle?
BCUC: You don’t!!!!!!!!! Man! This is our third Mieliepop and we consider it home away from home. So don’t expect us to be gentle we don’t do gentle. 

the future is where the music takes us…

BM: When it comes to a creative bunch like BCUC, the future is probably always on your mind, what can we as your fans (Me forever and ever), look forward to this 2017?
BCUC: All we know us that we have a lot if international shows. So when it comes to the future, the future is where the music takes us.
BM: Last question guys, What drives you, what gets everyone in the room every morning to make the magic that is BCUC happen?
BCUC: It’s the only thing we know. The love for the people and the music.

Thank you BCUC for your words, it’s really appreciated by myself and the Milled team and I speak for all of us when I say we’re over the moon excited to watch you live at Mielie Pop 2017!
Are you excited for this years Mielie Pop Festival? Who are you most looking forward to seeing live at the show? Let me know in the comments: