Comic Review: Shade, the Changing Girl

DC’s Shade, The Changing Girl #1:

From the get go, this is a comic that is straight up trippy. From the intense psychedelic color, to the poetry that adds to its beauty, Shade The Changing Girl is out of this world. Cecil Castellucci draws you in from the first page with her amazing writing and poetry, and from #1 you are taken on a wild trip through the mind of Loma Shade and her Madness Vest.

Marley Zarcone‘s art is just as wild and psychedelic, her artwork on this comic just added to its beauty and madness, bringing the characters to life.

The talented Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and Jon Rivera co-wrote this amazing comic. Gerard Way added the same profound depth to the comic that he brought to his lyrics.

The Synopsis:

The story starts when Loma Shade possesses the body of a comatose girl on Earth after stealing the Madness Vest, taking over the life of Megan Boyer. Thrown into this new life, she must deal with who Megan once was and the dark secrets she kept while creating a new fate for herself away from the planet Meta.

In our fast and ever growing technological age, Loma calls back to a generation before us of radios, record players and curlers. To her, our technology is primitive and outdated. Our science even more so. Is there anything left of Megan Boyer after Loma climbed into her body? Is it just memories playing out in dreams and visions? Or is she still there, floating in limbo waiting to reclaim her stolen body?

The residual feelings and emotions left behind leave Loma confused at times, and the madness uncontrollable and sickening.

A quote from the comic that sums up the Madness Vest and the new life of Loma ; “Madness is like a fire. Its a living thing. It consumes
until there is nothing left but memory.”

How far can you run to escape?

The thoughts in your head, regrets…the past?

Your own past…and the past of a stranger?

Some things are inescapable.

Loma finds this out quickly, realizing that her own past and Megans past are now hers alone to face. Thrown into Megans life, Loma attends Amelia Bloomer High-school where Megan once ruled as the “It Girl” and “mean girl”. We’ve all known girls like Megan who rule their school through their absurd popularity and cruel antics, subjecting anyone deemed unworthy a geek or loser. Megan enjoyed torturing everyone including her own parents, and the “friends” who fear her hold their own secrets surrounding Megan and her once comatose state.

What we don’t see is the life someone like Megan lives behind closed doors. What shaped the monster they became. There’s always more to someone than what they present to the world and Shade the Changing Girl shows us that every step of the way.

What I think?

This might be a comic that has aliens and weird girls with powers, but if you take away all of that, and cut down to the bone you find a story that hits close to home…to human nature and society.

Who are we and how are we defined by our actions, by our moral codes and our youth? By societies rules we so often try to follow?

Cecil Castellucci, weaves this story in such a way that you couldn’t possibly not feel something. She’s able to take you into the mind of Loma and her story telling is utterly remarkable. With the art being on point for each issue, this comic doesn’t disappoint in the slightest and is rather breath taking. With each issue being so captivating and incredible I look forward to the next issue of Shade The Changing Girl, knowing I will be blown away and nothing is better than a great comic that leaves you anticipating the next issue.

So if there is anything you decide to read, make sure its DC’s Young Animal Shade The Changing Girl!

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