South Africa’s MOUSE Breaking into Mielie Pop!

MOUSE: South African Rock Band

Coming out of the unknown, I had no idea who MOUSE was, but, that’s also a good thing, it means it’s new local music for me to listen to. I managed to find some samples of their work and got excited enough to have a chat with the new guys on the South African Music Festival scene, and they promise to be an epic edition and a more common appearance on stage in 2017!

Here’s what we had to say, turns out, they’re not from around here:

Brett Magill [BM]: Guys, thanks for taking the time to chat to us, I’m sure you’re quite busy. Ill be honest, you guys are singly one of the most difficult bands to hear when not performing live! I finally managed to troll your Facebook account to find what you’re not calling an EP from the 55 set, what was the motivation behind the none-EP? It’s not as bad you said on Facebook.

Damon [DM]: No problem mate. Well we made it back in 2015 with songs we had written previously but our musical style had already shifted by the time of recording. That music is nothing really like what we do now haha. As for motivation we didn’t want to release the full 11 song album so we just released a few tracks from it when we hit 555 likes on Facebook. (referencing the name of the none-EP EP)

BM: Ok, I’m still trying to get a better idea of your music style and attitude, so why not tell me more about yourselves, where’d you guys come from, who makes up this energetic hard rock ensamble and what was the inspiration for MOUSE?

DM: Well Chris was raised in “mymomsintoti” and I (Damon) was born in Newcastle, England.  Lived there for 9 years and then fled to Durban. We are two bros who play musical instruments because its fun and we like it a lot. Mouse is the natural progression of our human development as musically we have been jammin’ together for a long time (its how we met).

MOUSE EP Release?

BM: I’m basing a lot of this conversation on 55! Sorry, I know you mentioned you’ve got a lot on the way, when is the EP planned to for launch and can you tell us about what the EP’s going to have?

DM: We plan to have the EP (named Trap) out by the end of February! Which is defiantly going to happen. It will consist of 5 songs, each harnessing different sounds but all conveying our vibrations. What to expect out of the songs would be cool drumming and guitar surfin’.

BM: Such 90’s punk with your guitar work! *He says listening to Out of Time*, what have been some of your musical inspirations while developing your own style?

DM: Back in the days it was Green Day, Muse and The White Stripes amongst others. Looking to now we’ve been inspired quite heavily by the local musics coming out of our city, the likes of Black Math, The Sisters, The Myths and other South African bands. Also some international bands like Queens of The Stone Age, Rage Against Machine, Fuzz, Wand and The Oh Sees.

MOUSE South African Band Mielie Pop Milled

BM: As I listen to The Sludge Underground Podcast, I’m interested to know a bit your metal roots, Damon, are you still interested in the metal scene with the rebirth of South African music?

DM: Haha umm Id say we weren’t really metal just some dudes who thought it would be cool to have a band and then stopped before we even got started. As for the metal scene, I really dig the likes of Feast of Famine, Masterdon and Chevelle but in general I lean towards the fuzzier side of things.

BM: Chris! I know I got that name right, where did you come from, what are your roots in music, hailing from Totie?

Chris: I knew a guy who taught me drums for a while and I really liked Zebra & Giraffe and Hannah Montana growing up (We both owned her CD). My roots really begin when I met Damon and began jammin’ music with another person and vice versa.

BM: You guys are new as: MOUSE, but you’ve been jamming since when, 2012? What are the plans for 2017?

DM: Yeah we met in 2012! and began MOUSE in 2015. 2017 were going to release multiple music videos. Have another EP and album out. As well as a Cape Town tour!

BM: Now you’re on to Mielie Pop Festival! Is this your first Mielie Pop? What can we expect from the dynamic duo of MOUSE this year?

DM: This is our first Mieliepop and only our second festival. We may or may not do something very special/dangerous so look out!

BM: Ok, now that I’ve looked for help across my Facebook and email list, guys, where can we find your music? Hook me up!

DM: Haha we will let you know when there is music online.

The guys at MOUSE seem amped for this year’s Mielie Pop Festival! We’re excited to seem them live finally, they’ve got the ambition and energy to keep pushing through the tough times and enjoy the good times, Mielie Pop is just the start! You heard it first here!