Miagii Waxes Up for Mielie Pop 2017

Miagii Waxes Mielie Pop 2017:

Some of the most interesting bands we’ve spoken to in a while, I managed to get some time to chat to the weird fellows who rock down houses at the local band Miagii! I also fanned out a bit, but it was good!

Here’s what went down, and while you’re reading listen to some of their stuff:

Nicci Jones [NJ]: Hey guys, thanks so much for taking the time out to chat to me. No pressure, but you’re my first band interview so, don’t f*ck this up okay – my reputation rides on this and I rely heavily on you to make this work so that I can chat to you again when we’re all excessively famous.  *Acts cool.*

MIAGII: Thank you for chatting to us! We can be the most awkward band to interview, so we’ll have to try. No promises 😉

NJ: Your debut EP is called ‘You’re Freaking Out Right Now’. Walk me through this – who generally freaks out before shows, or are you all pretty woosah about the situation in general?

MIAGII: We’re actually a really relaxed group of people. I don’t think any of us get too nervous before a show. If anything it’s more an anxious energy that we all get before we get to play live. Gigs are massive highlights for us, so when we play a show it’s been on our mind for ages and we’re just super pumped to get going.

NJ: Speaking of freaking out right now, I’m kinda freaking out because I’ve had your album on repeat on Deezer, and it’s pretty epic. Where can I grab a hard copy of the CD – do you carry these around at your gigs, or are you all about those digital vibes?

MIAGII: Thank you! It’s so rad to hear that people are enjoying that album. We’re still super proud of it. We did a run of 150 cds that came with our zine, Dethweed. So we gave those away for free to people who came out to the launches. Other than that, it’s all just digital for now.

That sounds like the worst date

NJ: I can’t decide whether I’m fan-girling more over your chilled surfer/grunge/punk sound, or the lyrics that take me straight back to a place of teen angst that can only be described as immensely confusing and strangely awkward – riddled with nerdy glasses, badly planned social situations, and boys that brought their friends along on dates. Which one of you was the most awkward teenager of the bunch growing up?

MIAGII: Hahaha! That sounds like the worst date 😉 I think we’re all fairly awkward in our own ways. I was the angsty emo teenager, which is inherently awkward AF in retrospect – even if I didn’t think it at the time.

NJ: You’re a bunch of rockstars – with that comes the territory of bra’s being thrown at you on stage. What’s the freakiest thing a fan has thrown at you?

MIAGII: We’d love to claim we’ve had a bra or two thrown at us, but that’s yet to happen. If you’re looking for things to throw at us, #420/caps/clothing/sweets… I mean, whatever you’re feeling.

NJ: …so if I threw my bra at you on stage, you wouldn’t mind? *not-so-secretly takes mental note of colour preferences*

MIAGII: No, we most certainly won’t. We’ve got that in writing now, so…

NJ: The name Miagii obviously takes us back to our days of doing the one legged karate kid pose we all did when we were knee-high to a grasshopper. What were your childhood career aspirations, or was playing in a band always up there?

MIAGII: We wanted to be Daniel from Karate Kid growing up. Still looking for my own Mr Miyagi. Failing that, being in a band and touring the world was always the goal. We’re working on that.

NJ: The four of you bonded over a love of the same music genres, making the next step of forming a band pretty natural. Surely you’ve got your secret musical guilty pleasures that you hide from the rest of the guys that you could never quite blast through the speakers?

MIAGII: Us? Guilty pleasures? Never. 😉 I’ve been known to go pretty hard on the Taylor Swift discography – but I’m not even ashamed of that. The rest of the guys are just generally cool people. I’ve never actually had to question their respective music tastes. Who knows what is hiding on their playlists though…

Haha, drum circles…

NJ: Your track ‘Ever After’ is a lot softer-sounding than your other tracks, but hits pretty hard in the lyrics department. I feel like I want to hug the person that penned this – there has to be a pretty heart-wrenching story behind this song?

MIAGII: We write from personal experiences, and I think Ever After is just more on-the-nose than the rest of the lyrics in YFORN. As far as the story behind that number goes, it was a vent from a situation that I think everyone can relate to. Romantic loss is just a part of adult life.

NJ: Mr Miyagi was everyone’s favourite chilled uncle – wax on/wax off got us through some tough teen times. What do you guys do to centre yourselves before a big gig – is it lining up shots of Jagermeister, or are you more of a druming circle kinda gang?

MIAGII: Haha, drum circles. Ew. We’re always just excited to see each other – so it’s a catch up at full speed about our weeks and life, which kinda just makes us excited to be with each other and lends well to a fun gig.

NJ: While we’re on the topic of big gigs, we’re catching you at Mieliepop this year, playing to about 2000 people – what can we expect from your set, and will you be joining us for morning yoga?

MIAGII: Sho we’re so excited! We’re hard at work on the next EP, so we will be debuting a song or two from it which we’re itching to share with people. Further than that, I believe our sound is best suited to a big stage, and we’re excited to throw down our set with all the energy and aggression we can.

As far as morning yoga goes, I really can’t see any of us thriving at that :’)

NJ: Tell me you’re going to be playing your cover of ‘Somebody Kill Me Please’ at this year’s festival? I personally vow to fling myself dramatically around the mosh-pit if you do. What a track – why’d you pick this one to cover?

MIAGII: Yes! We’re definitely going to play that. It’s such a party anthem and it’s a favourite movie that we all grew up with.

We were watching the movie a while back for the umpteenth time, and it’s generally just such a cool jam, and was begging for a little grunge to be added. So we tracked it for fun. It’s been crazy to see how people just resonated with the video.

NJ: They’re pretty chilled about their drinking rules at Mieliepop, and as you know, we at Milled love a good beer. If we were to send you a drink across the bar, what would your poison be?

MIAGII: Black Label & Castle Light are our picks. Let’s hang out!!