The Best Rock You’ve Never Heard of #5: Jughead’s Revenge

What could be better than a punk band signed to Nitro Records? A band with a name from one of the coolest comic characters ever. Except instead of having a bottomless pit for food, one wouldn’t be blamed for having a bottomless pit for their music! They got their start at the iconic 924 Gilman Street and were signed with, inter alia, Nitro Records, of Offspring’s Dexter Holland fame. Dearest readers, we present to you, Jughead’s Revenge, although they’re now known as Jugg’s Revenge

The band only retains frontman Joe Doherty, since it’s 1989 inception but has released no new material since 1999, when they broke up 2 years later. Fortunately they came back and have been doing a couple of live gigs with the promise of a new EP lingering.

What makes them great is their rock versatility. From punk, to melodic, to hardcore, to even surf, these guys have never been known to be the masters of any particular sub-genre but could take on anybody who challenged them…and probably win. They even did a punk version of Rod Stewart’s Young Turks…and even though you’d rather expect a punk band to do a version of Hot Legs, this is pretty good (although Orgy have done this):

You could even impress your Elvis loving dad with their Love Me Tender cover but it’s actually their original music which shines through because you can hear the not giving a damn about sticking to an identity other than just playing good music. They’re one of the few bands you’ll struggle to micro classify. This is because you can have an amazingly good song that cycles between thrash and melodic punk (appreciate the outfits and homages to other bands)…

…from the same dudes who bring you surf magic on par with The Moths

Incidentally, apart from being in my top 10 album covers, Image is Everything is also in my top ten albums. The self-titled song is my ultimate mosh jam and a huge reason why I need to check these dudes before I die.