The Lectric Monks New Groove!

Introducing the New Lectric Monks!

According to their recent Facebook post, The Lectric Monks are back (did they ever leave though?) with a brand new mudda gooven sound! Well, they were always a lot of fun, but what we all heard at this year’s Mieliepop Festival 2017 was something totally new and dramatically Lectric Monks!

Brining the Groove to Mieliepop 2017!

What I’ve come to love most about music festivals like Mieliepop is their ability to gather musical talent that is not in the commercial stream like most of South Africa’s pop or commercial bands. I think now that our local radio stations are now broadcasting more local music, it’s the best time for South African’s to rediscover that talent we have help back for so many years.

One of these talented crews are found in Pretoria: The Lectric Monks, have always been an energetic performance, but this year, we were treated to something new, you could say that The Lectric Monks have finally found their own unique groove!

While this year’s Mieliepop performance started like every other with Gary Peacock making one or two jokes, The Lectric Monks kicked off with their new material, and damn, it was complex, folky and critically excellent! The harmonica playing Gary, combine with the shimmy folk guitar stylings of Henk Oosthuizen and one two beat and supporting rhythm from Duncan Potgieter and Cynthia van der Mescht, made for a sound unlike anything we’ve heard from The Monks so far!

Think harmonica folk tunes with an electric guitar twist!

More though, the Lectric Monks style of a music set has set them apart from everyone else at this year’s festival and will probably stand them in good stead for future events. Their songs flow into each other, with a minor instrumental bridge, making for one huge rocking set!

The length of their set is only made more impressive when combine with their boundless energy on stage! (I seriously thought Gary was going to pass out from pushing that harmonica that hard!), though, they didn’t seem to run out of beat, they had smooth transitions between songs and seamless integration between each band member.

Hopefully we get to taste more of these new Lectric Monks soon!