The T’s and C’s and The Hellcats Vocal Duet!

The T’s and C’s and The Hellcats!

Mieliepop Festival is known for bringing together talent from across South Africa, bands from Johannesburg to Cape Town and back, maybe a few in between, all converge on this small area of land; 7km from Lothair and 7km Ermelo, in a lush valley complete with a pristine lake and clean air, it’s the niche music festival it’s regulars look forward to every year and festival veterans lament over as the festival Oppikoppie Festival used to be.

I’ve found that local bands enjoy collaborating with each other, calling each other up-on-stage to showcase something new, something that is festival exclusive. This year, we saw such a collaboration between local Johannesburg favourites: The T’s and C’s and The Hellcats, to amazing lyrical effect.

I was enjoying the energy that is the T’s and C’s trademark, but then, at the end of their final set, band lead vocals; Baz Cilliers, called upon The Hellcats, who were just enjoying the show just near the stage, to join them. What followed was one of the most energising, yet at the same time, one of the most passionate vocal performances I’ve ever seen.

One of my favourite bands this side of South Africa; The Hellcats, Pretoria based Heavy Rock band, who have just released their new album: A Coffin Full of Hellcats, Vol. 4.

Alessandro Benigno‘s high pitched vocals combine to the quick licked lyrics of Baz Cilliers, sent chills down my arms while at the same time inducing a unstoppable head banging session!

Combine that with the guitar work of The Hellcats frontman, Warwick Rautenbach and T’s and C’s guitar Levon Lock, the audience, and myself, were treated to something, for the lack of better words, epic! 

Listen to it and download it here! Keep ear for the Alessandro vocals!