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Adventure Man and a New Album

It’s always exciting to be at a release of a new album, especially for accomplished SA musos…so we’re pretty excited about Adventure Man’s release of their new album, Dog Daze, tonight. Do join us at Rumours tonight for this. In the meantime, we got to chat with frontman Gad:

Richard Chemaly (RC): Quick question. Has anyone ever mistaken you for Donovan Copley? When you’re not feeling up to a performance, would you trust him to be your doppelganger?

Gad De Combes (GDC): Haha he does dress in ways I can only dream. We do kinda have the same hair. The dude can sing so I think we’d get away with it!

RC: But in all seriousness now, congrats on the new album. I’ve been enjoying the video for the new single, Let’s Stay Home. Is this an opportunist grab at DSTV’s new marketing campaign and have you been contacted by them for the licence yet?

GDC: That’s brilliant! I never thought of that! We were inspired by Fun’s “walking the dog” video. I’m technically colourblind, so I can enjoy the video on another level.

RC: The entire album, Dog Daze, holds 11 tracks…1 more than your first album, Out of Order. Does this foreshadow more and more Adventure Man to come? Or are you trying to cheat the system by including a (pretty dope) remix of Sorry Shaniqua?

GDC: The remix is just a bonus track. I like the idea of just 10 songs. I seem to write shorter pop songs, and I don’t want to overwhelm our ADD generation.

RC: We we’re given the new album to review ahead of its release and it became my companion in a roadtrip to the Free State last week. I found myself constantly going back to the first and title song, Dog Days. Eventually I learned the lyrics and progressed from swinging my head in time with the piano chords and sang along. Unfortunately, I realised I don’t have the harmonics to mimic an entire choir but neither do you. Which high school did you borrow a choir from for the harmony?

GDC: Ahhh studio tricks! Our producer Jacques has a lovely falsetto voice, so between Jacques, Becca and myself we just layered our voices. It would be amazing to play that live with a choir!

RC: Actually, now I’m thinking of Escape the Mall and realize that the entire album is characterized by a feel good head bobbing vibe. Are you out here to make people happy? Most musos claim they want to express themselves. Have you gotten any feedback that makes you happy knowing your expression makes others feel good?

GDC: I have! People really appreciate that I’m not only writing songs about emotional stuff, but also the small things in life that i true to inject emotion into. Escape from the mall is based on an episode of a cartoon show I saw as a kid, and for the life of me could not remember where. I’m hoping someone will hear the song and tell me.

RC: When I was in grade 4, there was this piece of bread who came to my school telling me I’m special. I believed him until, like a cheating mistress, he said the same thing to all the other kids. You wrote me a song and called it, A Song For You. I believed you. I felt so good as a result…but now you’ve taken that goodness away from me because it appears to be a song for everyone. Taking a cue from the song itself, it’s been a long time coming but I didn’t have the words. Now I’m going to stick up for myself. Do you feel good about yourselves being as evil as Sasko Sam?

GDC: A Song For You is definitely my most personal track, it’s the first song that I wrote from MY perspective, instead of a dog or movie character. I’m sorry it upset you! Revenge of the bread sounds like a good song title for the next album. *winks*

RC: Thanks for the new album. It’s been one of our favourite local releases this year so far. Will we be treated to some live shows and tours to promote the album? Where will you be headed?

GDC: We will be launching at Rumours Rock City With The Plastics and Shortstraw Friday March 24 and at arcade Empire the following night!

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