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Brett Newski is back in SA for some Park Acoustics

Our Brett has been our rep at Park Acoustics this year but come Sunday, I’ll certainly be tagging along. The lineup is super exciting and only bolstered by wondering nomad Brett Newski (who is significantly better with a guitar than our Brett). Not being totally foreign to Park Acoustics, let along South Africa, I asked him a couple of things ahead of his gig:

Richard Chemaly (RC): Dude, your story is so compelling, from Vietnam to Sri Lanka, you’ve basically nomadded throughout the world. Of course this isn’t your first stint in South Africa and I’m very drawn to your 2012 tours of our country, exclusively on public transport. You must have encountered much South African music. Have you any favourite local acts you try see whenever you’re down here?

Brett Newski (BN): My favorite local acts are The Shabs (ex Shaheen), Shortstraw, Nomadic Orchestra, Matt Vend and the Tender Ten.

RC: I’ve been watching a couple of your videos in SA. Seems you have a penchant for puking on shoes. Do you have a safe word to warn those around you or is it more a rocknroll, “well you assumed the risk by being the my vicinity” kinda vibe?

BN: I love your questions! I have one career puke to the shoes so far. Hope that is all. I don’t think you really get any scene cred for puking on yourself.


RC: Listening to your music and watching your videos, I’m undecided on one thing so I’ll just ask. On a scale from Oprah to those dudes in The Big Lebowski, how much of a nihilist are you?

BN: You are out of your element.

RC: I actually saw you at Park Acoustics back in 2014 (cool gig by the way) so this won’t be your first trek to the Voortrekker monument. Do you make any time to learn about our turbulent past? You must have seen some cool reminders of our history on your travels. Anything stand out and does it still impact you as a foreigner wanderer?

BN: Aw rad! We gotta drink a reunion castle. I have indeed heard the tales on the monument. Since I’ve been going to SA I’ve always felt like there was great unity in the air. Obviously it varies region to region, but people is SA generally seem happier than in America.

RC: Because of your lifestyle, it must be difficult to schedule a recording session, let alone decide where it will be. How do you go about your recordings and mastering?

BN: We once finished mixing an album on the road in Sri Lanka. That was brutal! Never do it. Though,it was cool to record next to giant lizards in the jungle.

RC: Finally, Noodles, of Offspring fame, back in 2004 revealed his favourite so it’s important that I ask you this question and I need you to take it as seriously as possible; Hansa, Black Label or Castle?

BN: Noodles is the ultimate stage name. I have fond memories of the label. Back in 2011 when I first came to SA, it seemed like those were the only 3 beers. Now it’s craft beer city.

Be sure to check Brett Newski out at Park Acoustics this Sunday:

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