Mieliepop 2017 Festival Review

Mieliepop 2017: A festival for the Love of Music:

This is the second MieliePop Festival I’ve been to, and unlike the first, this one I attended as a weird combination of a music lover, festival regular and content creator, all wrapped up in one. This year, I had a mission, to enjoy some of my favourite local bands and write about them.

This year’s Mieliepop Festival showcased some of South Africa’s finest rock, blues and electro musical talent! Located in Mpumalanga, 7km outside of the smallest town in South Africa: Lothair, within the Tolderia valley and lake Resort. The venue makes for a stunning scenic backdrop to the rad music showcased there. 

Some of this year’s musical highlights included the gypsy jazz stylings of Crimson House, the hot and sweaty licks of The Hellcats and ridiculous energy of Fuzigish! There are, frankly, too many good acts to mention playing throughout the days of the festival, but there was rarely a moment where myself or other festival veterans weren’t running to the next stage for the follow up act!

The Music of Mieliepop 2017:

Every act brought their A Game this year, some of my top picks included the musical collaboration between The T’s and C’s and The Hellcats, called: So Low.

Crowds got to see the new and revitalised Lectric Monks, showcasing their new sound!

Among all the new tunes, all our old favourites in the T’s and C’s, BCUC, Yo Grapes and more made it their mission to get the crowds to jam out no matter the time of day or stage! You all rocked, and I could tell that this was the festival you put your socks and shoes on for! I think it’s awesome to see that we’ve come to far in such a short time to promote and grow South African Music, I’m honestly chuffed to bits that I’m, although small, part of it.

Listen to my pal Yo Grapes while you read the rest of this emotionally loaded word drool:

The Gripes of all things Fest:

Let me begin by stating that the event organisers, marketing teams and operational staff all performed their jobs perfectly, and as seen in 2016, it made for a smoothly run festival, good fun for everyone. You each treated me with respect, and I think you for your consideration. 

While it’s one thing to enjoy the epicness of the music on show, it’s another to actually pull off a music festival like Mieliepop. I think the advantage of Mieliepop is the fact the festival is relatively small, roughly 4000 people in the valley, and very few “extreme” incidents that I knew of or experienced.

As the days went on, there were a few odd balls trying to sneak their way into the venue and sell their nefarious wares, which were put to the boot out of the fest. (Good job security and shame on them)

The toilets, showers, food and drink all came in ample supply for everyone, and this year, unlike the last, you had the feeling that the food and drinks stalls created a market vibe, something you wanted to hang out a bit more at, something I hope will be expanded on in the coming years for the much needed down between acts.

The only gripe I have is once again, the mobile ATM only worked half the time, though, eventually we were able to get our much needed cash to feast on, honestly, over priced “craft” food. It worked at the end of the day, so that’s a win for Standard Bank, although, maybe a dry run would be in order next time guys.

Finally, my gripe is with the promoted Vodacom Tower, built to provide signal to the valley, naturally, so everyone could share their experiences and adventures. Though, as most of us should have expected, Vodacom didn’t come through in the end and the tower was never operational, though I do commend the PR team for a good excuse even if we’ve all heard it before. At the end of the day, we didn’t care about excuses, regardless of what they may be, all we wanted was the signal promised. But, maybe next year.

As a media representative, the operational and marketing teams were extremely accommodating about the fact of no Vodacom’s ball drop, and were more than happy to cart me to the koppies with the was better signal to be found, so even though there was nothing the team could have done and Vodacom’s mishap, they did their best with the tools they had, so thank you.

Comments from the People:

It’s one thing for me to whine about certain eventualities, but I’m here to inform you right? Here’s some of the less filtered comments from people who attended the event, take them with a pinch of salt, but there maybe something to consider here for next year:

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s that, Mieliepop Festival 2017 offered every kind of music South Africa has to offer, from rock n roll, to blues and reggae to some EDM! It was well managed for the most part and well promoted! I only hope that next year, they expand on their strengths and ideas to cultivate it’s now dedicated following.

Here’s some highlights I took from the event, but, I also want to know what you thought, how was your Mieliepop Festival experience? Tell me in the comments section: