Nice Guy Sessions with Vagabond King

Pretoria is getting down at the Cowhouse for the Good Guy Sessions featuring, inter alia, the Vagabond King…a wondering musician familiar to many home and abroad. I got to ask him a couple of question ahead of his Nice Guys Sessions performance on Friday, 14 April.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Joh dude! Doing research on you I found a movie with the same name from 1930, an opera and another film from 1956. Which one are you named after?

Vagabond King (VK): Not named after them at all. Would still want to check it out thou. No I chose the name as I am living on the road and have been for almost 2 years now. . . I am a vagabond and I live like a king.

RC: You’ve been on a tour of late. How’s that been going and how much stage thrown underwear have you collected?

VK: Do girls still do that? Wow . . .  This one was called De-tour and with 10 of the gigs done and dusted including the one earlier this week at Vergenoegd wine estate where we opened for Mathew Mole to a crowd of 2500+. . . It was very epic. We ended the tour in Neu Betesda at the Ram Stall which was one that shouldn’t have been missed. 

RC: I’ve seen you play with the likes of The Travellers, Joudie Pieterse etc. They’re all cool okes but who have you played with who sucks? C’mon! Name and shame!

VK: That’s the kak with the industry. It’s not high school though. You get people you can work with and people you can’t but no need to muddy a person’s name. We are not parliament and they have the backstabbing cornered *winks*.

RC: Your EP, Anywhere but Here, was recently released…all for the price of a buffel. Are you selling online or can we get them at the gig at Nice Guy Sessions.

VK: I always have a few on me but check the Facebook page for updates and where you can get a hold of it. I will even mail it via flying squirrel if the need arises.

RC: The Nice Guy Sessions attracts nice guys. Are you a nice guy? What kinda nice guy nice things can we other nice guys expect from you, as a nice guy, at the Nice Guy Sessions?

VK: Fuck me that’s a lot of nice neh. . . I will be doing my utmost to have a great old foot stomping time and drink as much Vienna lager as humanly possible!

You can check Vagabond King at the Nice Guy Sessions next Friday at Cowhouse.