Younger Millennials Seem Less Interested in Legalisation

Firstly, thank you for the enormous viral response to our article on the dagga ‘not-so-much’ legalization. I was particularly entertained by all the those who disagreed with me but we can chat about that when I’m called in to bail you out *winks*. I’m also indebted to the Dagga Couple for helping the knowledge go further. Interestingly, a number of other publishers subsequently ran with the idea which is cool because we’re about getting the information out there, not taking the credit for it…although the credit was amazing and made me feel I deserved my beers at the Mystic Boer that night.

Many struggled to access the article because, quite frankly, the demand crashed our servers. We weren’t expecting that kind of traffic but we’ve dealt with those issues now.

What we found interesting is that the statistics of the readers of the article indicated that our 18 – 24 were 36% less interested in it than our 25 – 34 bracket. Coming in at 60% lower was the 35 – 44 year old bracket.

What was interesting about the latter bracket (as well as the 45 – 54 bracket) though is that, while they were always lower, their interest continued to peak over the next two days while the lower age groups lost interest.

Of course, this is a far cry from any substantial market research and our data pool covers less than 0,1 percent of the population but it is somewhat telling. Either our younger readers are less interested in legalization or, if you believe our How to Millennial lessons, they aren’t keen on reading at all.

If and when full on legalization happens, it would be interesting to track buying trends across the ages in terms of marijuana…a data set that could never be accurately acquired while weed is illegal.