DevilDriver chat’s to us before Rocking WitchFest2017!

Devil Driver shoots it straight with Etienne Grobler:

With WitchFest 2017 here, we wanted to chat to the legends themselves; Devil Driver, performing in the heart of Johannesburg at this year’s foremost metal music event: WitchFest!

Here’s what they got up to, and you can tell, there’s not time for pleasantry with Mike Spreitzer, drummer of Devil Driver:

Grobler on Spreitzer:

Etienne Grobler [EG]: Seven albums down the line, you guys still push the envelope with the signature DD sound without “rewriting” any of the old material. Where do you constantly find new inspiration? And, what soft drink do you prefer?

Coming up with new material has never seemed to be a problem with us.  I sit down with my guitar and improvise with my guitar until I come up with something I like and when I have two or three ideas that work well together the rest comes fairly naturally. 

Mike Spreitzer [MS]: I’m not big on soft drinks but when I do have one I prefer Pepsi on ice.

EG: From the very start, following the progress on every form of (social) media of “Deathride” into what can only be described as Metal mammoth now known as DD. It’s awe inspiring to see growth through all the ups and downs. However, who do you think would win in a death match between Henry Rollins and Honey Boo Boo?

MS: The only reason I know about Honey Boo Boo is because they did a parody of her on South Park.  I was shocked to find out she was a real person.  As far as who would win the match………I don’t care..

…throwing people back into the crowd

EG: What song do you remember best from your childhood or which would you say is your favorite?

MS: For some reason “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo is cemented into my childhood memories.

EG: Where would you consider have you had the craziest crowd thus far? Also, are you a dog or cat bunch?

MS: One of the craziest shows was our first time playing Moscow.  Kids were going crazy and we had 5 security guards on stage constantly throwing people back into the crowd for the duration of our set.  The last time we played in the Ukraine comes in second.

EG: If you could sit under a table and listen in on someones conversation without them knowing, who would it be? Dead of alive conversationalists.

MS: Someone highly trained in the stock market. I’d piggy back on all their investment strategies.

EG: What would you take as snacks to the above conversation?

MS: Champagne……’d be a celebration.

EG: Ok back to the hard hitting proper questions, so, “Trust No One” is kicking ass and you guys got a busy year with all the touring and the Outlaws Country cover album coming up. Seriously looking forward to  that. Any surprises for the South African fans?

MS: This time we promise to show up. Though, I should mention that when we had to cancel a many years ago it was out of our hands.

I’m guilty of enjoying almost every pop song written under the sun…

EG: Lets talk guilty pleasures, what would be that one pop song that annoys you less than it’s supposed to?

MS: I’m guilty of enjoying almost every pop song written under the sun in the 80’s. I’m currently writing this interview in silence.  I think I’ll put on some 80’s.

EB: Speaking of which, what would the go to movie be when you feel like treating yourself, a favourite if you will?

MS: Lately, I can’t get enough of the movie Arrival.  I’m big into Sci-Fi

If you had to send a message to all the fans in the run up to WitchFest 2017, in the form of a lyric, what would that be?

Give Moscow a run for their money and lets make this the most memorable DevilDriver shows EVER!!! (sorry, I’m the not a lyric guy)