Want to get the Sony Xperia Ultra?

Sony Xperia Ultra AX Device Review:

The Sony Xperia Ultra AX, the new smartphone from Sony. The device retails at R6,499 and is only available from your friend in red, Vodacom.

This latest model comes with:

  • 16MP Front Camera: with pretty good light adjustment (tested myself, it’s automatic, which helps make decent videos)
  • It’s a 6-inch screen: Subtly longer/narrower that a Huawei Mate or Samsung Note, with a similar width.
    • The technical specs talk about the screen being borderless, and while this maybe a nice marketing term right now, it just means a very very very thin border. Something you’d find on the new Samsung S8.
  • Battery life: The advert says two days, though to be fair, mine lasted for two days with on and off use. If you’re a power user, you’d be looking at something like a days worth of power with a full charge. (still decent)
  • Face Focus (I made that term up), meaning that regardless of where you move your phone, if you’ve focused on a Face, it’ll track the subject, which, if you’re an Instagrammer, would help take really crisp shots.
  • Video Quality: Quite striking, I thought out of this entire device the camera is great and the front and rear camera provided a crisp and high quality high-def finish. I did have some trouble with the camera focusing while moving, but, I’m putting that down to the camera no knowing what to focus on while there is so much going on. I do think the camera is better than a Huawei Mate 7 but falls short of a Huawei P9 (But only just)

Though, as a consumer, I enjoy a device that’s got a bit of attitude, and yes, a gimmick or two. I didn’t feel that the device brought anything new to the industry except for a really great camera, and, if that’s all you’re looking for then this is a great smartphone. I’d even say that you’d be able to make high quality YouTube videos through this device.

What I didn’t really enjoy, and this is a personal preference, the Android user experience for me felt a little weak. Nothing felt engaging or connected to me in anyway like it did with Huawei’s Emotion Android UI or Apple OS.

This is a fine phone, and you won’t have any issues, but unless you’ve had a Sony in the past, the Android UI may put you off and damage your entire experience.

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