Better Time Management or Die!

Better Time Management is meaning the difference:

I’ve been having a bit of a crisis over the past three weeks. I’m not shy to admit that I’ve been failing, and becoming more and more desperate for work while at the same time, desperate to create something awesome! That’s why I made my first episode of the “Brett Magill Show“, and why I have my morning Instagram Stories, all my need to be creative and express myself.

But, while that has sated my need for making something for a short time, it’s not a solution. I woke up every morning feeling like I just never had enough time during the previous day to do everything I wanted to in a day. Feelings like: just not getting to that festival review, or that laptop story, or that new vlog I wanted to make, only just touching on everything and not doing anything fully.

I couldn’t understand it. I kept detailed daily task lists and an updated and fully synced calendar. Why then do I keep busy, yet seem to complete or accomplish nothing.

It’s maddening!

Yesterday, I walked up to my Mom’s office, who works on the same street as me, for an impromptu interview for her to help me out with some admin and taxes. Not fun, but it had to be addressed. After chatting around the basics, we tried to figure out what I did all day, and then with the simple question: “What actually do you do all day?“, something clicked!

At first I couldn’t answer! I realised that my day was filled with things that weren’t as important, worrying about press releases from brands, my latest music or tech article or trying to manage tedious things that in hindsight I actually realised weren’t as important as my primary business: Third Planet Digital.

The agency after all, is my bread, butter and plate.

Milled, and Joburgbrew are media projects and businesses, yes, but, right now, not as money churning and survival stimulating as Third Planet.

The simple solution to my stress and time problem is to move my blogs to after working hours, from 6:00PM and weekends, like the old days.

Yes, when Milled and Joburgbrew begin developing their advertorial and mailer income models more consistently, I can afford, literally afford, to pay more attention during the day to them, who knows, maybe hire a few minions, until then, time is on what puts meat on my plate.

I’m pretty sure being a bit more strict with myself while still keeping to my content goals of one story a day minimum, will have it’s own challenges, but change is good, and based on one day of this new method, I can say it feels good too (Here’s to another 90 days)

How’s your time management going in your business or career, I’d love to know, maybe give me your methods, tell me in the comments: