That 70’s Fest: Who and What was it?

That 70’s Fest: The Debut Festival

Just to give you some over arching background on this Festival. That 70’s Fest is a glorious collaboration between an awesome super fan, who happened to own a farm, the legendary rocking Tazers and their new business: Boogy Central!

The idea was to create a psychedelic rock festival, straight out of the 70’s! (I must have been the most un-70’s dress dude there) Bringing back the groove and jam from the 70’s couldn’t have been easy for The Tazers‘ and crew, but with the wicked combination of the unique venue, the psychedelic vinyl sounds, original lusting rock and easily one of the best crowds I’ve ever seen at a festival, they pulled it off!

Rocking out with the debut set of Moose and the Reverend and ending off somewhere between The Tazers and Hey! Bang! Dead! This was easily one of the best festivals I’ve been to all year, maybe the past two years! It was just so real, from the music, to the people, to the collection of oddities that plastered the venue walls, there was a surreal and energetic power that gripped you to the place and it’s bards from heart beat to sun rise.

If there is ever a repeat of this boutique rock festival, be sure to get your tickets quick, they’re guaranteed to run out at announcement!

Let’s talk details. Don’t forget to add what you thought of That 70’s Fest in the comments section, I’d love to know what you thought! 

That 70s Fest Milled

The Venue: Where Are We?

That 70’s Fest took place at a farm called: Tweenfontein Melkery, which is about a 45 minute drive from Alberton and 40 minute drive from Pretoria. At first, I had visions of a weird festival happening on the edge of humanity and civilisation, but what I got was a lush and clean space, three ancient buildings erected in the 1800’s and a bit of a history.

The original farm house, re-built in 1903, after the British burnt down the original during the Second Boer War. The “barn”, was originally where the farm’s cows were milked, now converted into a massive stage, bar and lounge. The “chapel”, converted into a psychedelic DJ venue.

The space included over night camping and parking space for the harder late night festival veterans, a food stall and three bars (there may have been two). All this, more than enough for the capacity crowd of over 300. Though, maybe an extra toilet for good measure and some more dustbins would have made us hippies happier where we planted our rubbish. 

That 70s Fest Milled

The Music: Wait Who Was That?

The Tazers managed to put together some of the finest rock bands South Africa had to offer, in what seemed to be no time at all. Jamming their debut festival sounds in our faces, we had a chance to taste Moose and the Reverend, a new rock band by Werner Jordaan and Etienne Grobler.

More, we got some old favourites in: We Are Charlie, the harder than ever BOXER and the always fun Sol Gems!

For the first time, I also got to hear Pollinator! A band you should definitely check out if electric rock not from this time is your thing!


That 70’s Fest, was 13 Bands and over 300 of their closest friends. We were all there for that, the music, the fun, the friends, the life.

Before we get into the stunning photographical highlights of Christelle Duvenage, a big thank you to The Tazers and their team for making this event happen, myself and crew cannot wait for the next go around.

All photography by Christelle Duvenage, more on her page

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