Failure is normal, Stop Apologising

Failure In Your Own Business:

Failure, it’s the fear of most working people.

I feel that there is a divide between people who run their own businesses or have started their own businesses and people like myself, entrepreneurs.

There have been a lot of articles about what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the past, this isn’t one of those, this is a reminder about something I’ve had to learn in my own business again.

Simply, the ability to digest, endure and adapt from failure.

Let’s be clear about failure for a second.

Failure is not a negative, too long have we been taught that failure is an unacceptable result of a process or project. I respectfully disagree. Failure, is both one of the most useful and timely¬†ways of learning and developing something that didn’t work before, it’s also natural.

Something that fails was always going to fail, so there’s not reason to make an excuse for it, what you should do is find why it failed and adjust, and execute from that failure. Fail forward as they say.

I have learnt more from failure than any success, I’ve also come up with some of the most logical and exciting ideas through failing.

Yes, failure can hurt, but it’s as normal in business as profit.

I’ve noticed that a lot of my colleagues tend to fall to pieces when they fail.

I cannot let failure to get to me, letting failure get to you, letting the sense of loss defeat you is one of the most damaging emotions for an entrepreneur, it can mean the difference between the continued running of your business or crippling depression.

Yes, some can’t get back up from a failure and they move back into the mass workforce, some can, and that’s where entrepreneurs are really found; weeded out of those fashionable wanna-be’s.

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