GeekFest 2017: On the First Day of the Games

GeekFest 2017 Day 1:

This isn’t a review, so if you’re looking for that, go enjoy some more ale at the beer tent! (There was apparently beer somewhere at GeekFest).

This was my first GeekFest, and despite the weather, I had a really good time. It may have been the sense of equality I felt being surrounded by people who, like myself, don’t quite fit in, yet at the same time, long for a tribe of their own. Or it may have been all the geek goods on sales throughout the festival that got me all excited!

At the fair, I found a multitude of exciting things to both buy and enjoy.

When it comes to play things, the affordable tech and gadgets at Small Bear was a nice gift for my funky Mom this Mother’s Day, or the new beard balm I giddily purchased from the experienced team at Plato’s Beard, but it also could have been the exciting and energetic LARP Battles or the cataclysmically entertaining Knight Battles (Real swords and armour!)

It could have been all these things dear readers, and I as I sit in a near cafe typing this out, I realise that even though I was cold and the weather gloomy, the people and the traders for me made it good day.

Nice for the young geek and their parents, the matriculant complaining that coffee is too expensive, the geeky couple on their next adventurous outing.

My friends mentioned to me that this was not their best GeekFest, seasoned veterans as they are, they felt there was less energy, less stuff to do. I blame the rain.

I’m running back tomorrow for a second go, hopefully with the sun shining and smiles from the many cosplayers, geeks and fantasy freaks.

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