4 Reasons Why you Should have been at GeekFest 2017

GeekFest 2017 Day 2:

Right then, if you read my short story about my adventure into the first day of GeekFest 2017, you’ll know that I had a great time. On the second and final day of the festival, I managed to dig a little deeper into the happenings of the whole fantastical jamboree, and this time, in the sunlight for most of the day!

This was a lot of fun! Hands down, some of the most fun I’ve had while still working at a festival in ages. The wicked combination of gaming, cosplay, LARP, food (the food, oh my word) and the stores this year were stunning! A weirdly fun fusion of medieval carnival and fantasy freaks and gaming geeks! All could be found at GeekFest 2017.

Reason 1: The Venue

I know that a lot of the regular Geek Festival’ers were nervous about the venue, siting the space and distance as the biggest concern. Though, I can’t imagine a better spot for this kind of festival, and with the weather being the biggest problem through out the event, it was perfect!

The festival grounds offered a range of entertainment, goods and festival food and what seemed to be enough utilities (Bathrooms etc), but, the proximity to the Monte Casino food court also offered a dry and warm refuge from the down pour and a social alternative. After said down pour, the geeks marched back out in droves, questing for their preferred fandom and fantasy item.

Though, I think some kind of sitting space with cover would have been nice. There was a beer tent, but maybe a few more. If the festival reached capacity, there would have been no shelter from the rain and less if there was beating sun.

Reason 2: The Goods

When it comes to geeky goods, the annual GeekFest has many, and for every fandom and preference; from comic book and superhero prints, to crystal and esoteric jewellery, to geeky pillows and plushies, to cosplay gear, LARP shields and swords and ever kind of item you could imagine!

I even picked up some 20 sided dice! (I don’t know why, I just like them)

You’re never find a more wretched hive of geek goods! But also at more than decent prices. Everyone there is a business owner, and with the exception of some big brands like HP, Nintendo and Playstation also present, everyone is a small business and more than willing to deal and negotiate some prices if you’re nice enough. (Thank you A.I Fest).

Coming to GeekFest, I found, means more affordable geek gear and stuff. Something to remember for next year.

Reason 3: The Entertainment

There’s a whole list of things to do during GeekFest besides max out your card! (Did I mention everyone uses mobile card facilities):

  • The LARP: Like me, you could be extremely entertained by the regular LARP (Live Action Role Play) battles! Which were both action packed and engaging! You could even jump in and join the Larpers if you liked! Loads of fun!
  • The Knight Battle: Or as it’s officially called; Battle Heritage SA, put on probably one of the best shows I’ve seen! Real knights,with real swords, beating the hell out of each other! Which you can also get in on for a fee. Either way, great to watch.
  • Robot Battles: Yes, remember the 90’s where we had robot wars on TV. Well, it’s about to make a come back! Look, it wasn’t my favourite event, but the commentator made it fun and the robot gamers/players/robotiers were extremely passionate about their not droids.
  • GeekOlympics! Apparently it was a series of games about being a geek. I didn’t pay much attention on this one, but it looked like some combination of puzzle solving, creativity, on the fly cosplay (the whole list can be found here), but, my friends came third, so it’s worth a look next time, even if you’re only cheering on your favourite team.
  • Cosplay Competition: I enjoy cosplayers, mostly because of the amount of effort they put into their work and the stunning results they’re able to create with their ingenuity and creativity. They braved the weather and the cold to be the best in the land of geek-dom! It’s great to watch and see and good for everyone (I was going to say kids of all ages, but Poison Ivy for the win!)

Reason 4: Killing Reality

Look, we’re always going to have that kid part of ourselves, the one that looked forward to Saturday morning cartoons and enjoyed playing Pokemon cards.

The best part about GeekFest is that it offers time for you to go back to that part of yourself, be the real you that work and life has made you forget.

That’s half the reason any of us are doing this. It’s because being a geek is more about being yourself than not. GeekFest, is a space and excuse to do that again.

Here’s a few highlights from this weekend. Though, I want to hear from you, let me know what you thought of this year’s GeekFest in the comments section!