Obligatory Mother’s Day Story: Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Mother’s Day: Let’s Get This Over With.

I’ve mentioned my Mom from time to time in interviews and articles about being one of the biggest drivers behind my business adventures.

The truth is, when I was about eight, she encourage me to sell soap at a local flea market with my friends Warren and Bradley. I remember that was the same day that I figured out the value of money and how many of which coins would buy me how many army men.

My Mom taught me business, having run her own in some way or another throughout my up-bringing.

It didn’t always gel with everyone in my family or friends, but hey, the way I look at it, I have the same curse of wanting to start and run my own business. I always ask the question when it comes to negative comments, would the naysayers have the same bravery to start their our ventures?

More than teaching me the business basics, my Mom taught me independence and self-reliance. (And how to insert Indiana Jones quotes into articles).

School work? She taught me how to figure it out on my own and ask questions, until I got it right. (Or at least acceptable to solve the problem)

Food? My Mom taught me how to cook.

Bully, Angry Teacher or obstinate employer? She taught me how to resolve an argument and use words to win.

Relationships? My Mom taught me manners, well, my Mom, Dad and Grans taught me manners, but it was my Mom more than anyone taught me control. Showing me you didn’t need to loose your manners and class even when you’re upset or angry.

While there are a million things my Mom taught me and keeps teaching me, I’m thankful for the lessons, after all they turned me into the person I am today, and I’m damn proud of that person.

Thank you Mom, happy Mother’s Day, and I hope I can one day teach someone your lessons as you did me.

PS: Why didn’t you teach me how to fold clothes.