Who are Moose and the Reverend?

Werner Jordaan and Etienne Grobler:

I’ve known of the worldly adventures of Etienne and his stake in the metallic Hope is for Heroes for a while. But it when he told me that he’d be trying out something new with front man and guitar lead; Werner Jordaan I had to get in and find out more! I heard the two man band of Etienne and Werner at the recent That 70’s Fest, and they didn’t disappoint at all!

A new take on a modern version of hard classic rock, almost to the level of Metallica in hard drumming and rougher, yet not hard vocals from Jordaan. Moose and the Reverend are a pair to keep your eyes on!

Magill, Jordaan and Grobler:

I managed to catch up with the pair after the show to chat a bit, this is what happened:

Brett Magill [BM]: There’s rumours about how Moose and the Reverend came into being, whispers of beer, basements and two quiet musicians letting their music speak for them. Which of those are true, and tell me, how’d you guys start?

Etienne Grobler aka: Hell’s Lord and Drums [EG]: If I may interject… It’s all true. Even the false stuff. Except us being “Quiet Musicians”… thats just balony.

Werner Jordaan aka: God’s Thumb and Guitar [WJ]: If you replace basements with the store room at Die Mystic Boer in Bloem, then that’s pretty much spot on, although I wouldn’t describe Etienne as “quiet”. We basically just had gear from our other project set up and decided to jam one night, something clicked, and we decided to start the band.

BM: I’m picturing Werner being the Moose here (It’s the hair), but, where’d you guys come up with the name?

WJ: Well spotted! (It is the hair) I originally threw out an idea of calling it Moosecake, then Etienne came running up to me with a massive smile on his face yelling “Dude! What about Moose and the Reverend?” and it kind of stuck.

BM: I managed to hear your debut-ish performance at this month’s That 70’s Fest! It was a great combination of hard rock with a touch of metal, what sound are you guys looking to create? 

WJ: Energy! Energy is the main focus, we try not to complicate things too much, keep it simple and groovy, but we put a lot of focus on getting the biggest possible sound with just the two of us.

EG: Boogie. I don’t care. Go with Werner on this one.

My mother has always supported me fully in whatever I decided to do…

BM: Werner, apparently you’re quite a young bloke, how’d you end up in Jo’burg jamming with a crazy dude like Etienne?

WJ: I was very fortunate growing up, having an older brother who introduced me to great music from a very early age and teaching me a lot about music (he’s an insane drummer). My mother has always supported me fully in whatever I decided to do, I really do owe everything to her. Etienne I met in Bloem about 5 years ago and we’ve been making music ever since. After he moved up to Joburg I decided it might be a good move for me as well!

Like Voldemort… shhh! …

BM: Etienne, developing a band is something you’re not used to, Hope is for Heroes on the rise again and now Moose and the Reverend! What does the new band mean for you?

EG: To be super honest, Moose means that Werner and I get to explore another side of our Musical genius and get them peoples dancing. I am kidding. But seriously, this kind of genre that we dare not name… Like Voldemort… shhh! Do not say his name… has been something that has been brewing since childhood. It means THAT MUCH MORE because I get to do it with my mate. Plus tis indeed a whop load of fun. I get to beat things with other things.

BM: For you both, tell us, your new fans, when are we going to get to hear you again and where can one of us buy you a drink? 

EG: Name the place and we will be there. We’ll keep you posted as far as upcoming performances are concerned. Keep an eye on the horizon for smoke signals and homing pigeons.

WJ: You can usually find us at the bar at Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday afternoons, but we’ll be planning some shows in and around Joburg as well as Bloemfontein really soon!

BM: Werner, if Etienne kidnapped you, next time we meet, blink twice. Also, what’s your favourite drinks?

EG: (Grabs Werner’s eyelids with both hands seemingly inconspicuous, but very gently.)
WJ: Thanks Brett, I’ll keep that in mind! I know neither of us will ever shy away from a Miller, but my personal weakness is Jim Beam Devils Cut.

BM: Everyone’s got a crew that inspires them, or they mirror when it comes to their new creative process, each of you, who’s your inspiration going into your music and Moose and the Reverend?

EG: Lionel Richie, Johnny Knoxville and the thought of the Yeti. If i could ask you something Brett, do you think that the mythical Yeti, Bigfoot and Walt Disney could all be related by the blood of Kahn’s like Genghis or even Kublai?

BM: You know what Et, considering that Genghis’ blood amounts to one in every two hundred men, something like 0.5% of the male population is connected to the great Khan, I’d say, the chances are good. But, it’s more likely that I too poses the blood of the great Khan. *puts on dark glasses*

WJ: For Moose and the Reverend I definitely take inspiration from Rage Against the Machine, Turbowolf and The White Stripes.

I’d probably be a werewolf…

BM: If you had to be a mythical creature and that creature had to be on a specific kind of narcotic, which would it be?

EG: A Cyclops. On EVERYTHING. Open up that second eye and such. Have a ball of a time.

WJ: I’d probably be a werewolf, on mushrooms. Don’t ask why.

Moose and the Reverend Milled

BM: Anything to say to the kids at home?

EG: Telephones are not people. AND, Knock knock…

WJ: Don’t eat those brownies!

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